5 Reasons We Can't Wait To Drive The New All-Electric Acura ZDX

By Lindsay Garbacik By Lindsay Garbacik | March 18, 2024 | Lifestyle, Sponsored Post,

An Exclusive Look at The Acura ZDX

The Acura ZDX is an impressive all-electric SUV, exuding futuristic opulence at every turn. ZDX Type S preproduction model shown. Production model may vary.

Ready for a vehicle that champions design and technology as much as it does the environment? Introducing the 2024 Acura ZDX and ZDX Type S, Acura’s first all-electric SUV. From its performance-ready shape to its next-level audio system and ability to travel more than 300 miles on a single charge, this Acura is built to take on the future, and we’re here for it. We explored the new ZDX to bring you the five reasons we can’t wait to drive this sleek, modern SUV.

Electric Made Easy

Designed with precision and performance in mind, the ZDX is more than a pretty face.

The ZDX A-Spec* single-motor is a remarkable electric vehicle (EV) with an available driving range of 313 miles. Recharging** on the go is quick and efficient with DC Fast Charging. In just 10 minutes of charging, up to 81 miles of range are added (the total range could be higher depending on battery charge). To find a charging locale, simply search in-car or explore the Acura smartphone app. Additionally, visit the Acura Home Electrification website to find vetted local charging installers and to secure an Acura charging station for your home.

Precision Performance

Like all high-performance Acuras, the ZDX has impressive power and precision. The ZDX Type S features an estimated 500-horsepower motor, making it the most powerful Acura SUV yet. It also features a dual motor all-wheel drive system, adaptive air suspension and Brembo® 6-piston front calipers, positioning the ZDX as a true feat of performance excellence.

Dynamic Design

The all-new ZDX Type S features 22-inch machine-finished wheels, the largest Acura has ever made.

This futuristic EV features an array of design details that will delight and amaze even the most discerning luxury shoppers. From its Jewel Eye™ LED headlights, known for their clarity and brightness, to its 3-D embossed front grille and iconic Chicane daytime running lights, the aesthetics of this car are off the charts. Acura has launched an all-new color for the ZDX Type S–Double Aplex Blue Pearl to set its latest creation apart. It also features 22-inch machine-finished wheels, the largest ever for an Acura vehicle. This luxe new vehicle will turn heads as it glides through town, reflecting the design-forward, star-studded streets of Los Angeles, where it was developed at the Acura Design Studio.

Titan of Technology

Inside the ZDX is just as sleek as its exterior.

Always with an eye for evolution and innovation, the Acura ZDX features more cutting-edge features than any Acura before. The cockpit is driver-oriented, with various intuitive technologies perfect for stress-free driving.

For the first time, Acura has integrated Google built-in into its car for seamless, on-the-go connectivity and easy use of apps like Google Assistant, Google Maps and Google Play. Better yet, a massive 11.3-inch high-definition digital screen can display Google Maps as it estimates the range needed to reach your destination, making traveling a breeze. It can also initiate preconditioning of the battery (a valuable method for optimizing your battery’s potential) when your destination is a DC Fast charging station.

Always looking toward the future, the Acura ZDX Type S has the new AcuraWatch™ 360+ system that allows for hands-free driving on up to 400,000 miles of compatible roads, as well as automatic parking assistance.

Sublime Sound

The ZDX’s high-end audio system treats all passengers to superb speakers.

Perhaps most important to passengers of the ZDX is its unbelievable Bang & Olufsen luxury sound system. It will have all your music-loving friends begging for a ride, no matter the destination. The ZDX is equipped with the Danish brand’s Beosonic feature, transforming the in-car audio experience into four distinct moods: bright, energetic, warm and relaxed. Bang & Olufsen’s exclusive Acoustic Lens Technology disperses higher-frequency sound from the tweeters evenly throughout the car so every passenger has a superb audio experience.

Are you eager to explore an innovative electric vehicle that seamlessly transitions from road trips to touring around town with envy-inducing features? Check out the full lineup of Acura ZDX and order yours today at acura.com.

*313 mile EPA Range Rating for A-Spec RWD; 304 mile EPA Range Rating for A-Spec AWD; 278 mile EPA Range Rating for Type S & Type S with Performance Wheel & Tire. Use for comparison purposes only. Actual range will vary based on several factors, including temperature, terrain, battery age & condition, loading, use and maintenance.

**Actual charge times/range will vary based on battery condition, output of charger, vehicle settings, outside temperature, and other factors. See the vehicle’s Owner’s Manual for additional limitations.

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