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August by the Stars: Astrologer Madi Murphy Breaks Down Your Horoscopes

By Madi Murphy | August 1, 2019 | Lifestyle National

With help from our resident astrologer, Madi Murphy, you'll know exactly what the universe has in store for you this August. Here's a glimpse at your monthly horoscope.



In August, you get a break after what was most likely a chaotic July. You are full of warm, positive energy—emotional, psychic and physical. You may feel adventurous or artistic. Rambunctious ram, this is a month to make time for play. Use this joyful energy to not take life too seriously. You are supported in starting a new creative project or kicking off a new healthy routine. The Full Moon in the middle of the month brings an extra dollop of love and affection. If you haven’t felt lucky in love lately, good news: there is an auspicious vibe for romance in the air and you are feeling irresistible. Your mystical assignment this month is to ask yourself: how can I try to have more fun everyday?


After that intense and erratic July, August has you craving the cozy comforts of home. Time with family will be important to you now and there is a peaceful and harmonious domestic bliss. You are relishing feeling like the queen/king of your castle, you bodacious bull. You may find yourself moving, renovating or redecorating—August is a time you want to beautify your space. Watch out for mood swings and sensitivity in the middle of the month. You may have felt blocked lately career-wise but, good news, the Full Moon brings a huge professional milestone, promotion or recognition. Technology endeavours are favorable now. Romance is sweet and breezy, especially at the end of the month, so soak it up.


Buzz, buzz, buzz... You are a busy bee (slash social butterfly) this month! Stimulating conversations, lively meetings, party invitations and professional seminars abound this month. This is your wheelhouse, gregarious Gemini, so it’s no surprise that all of this activity boosts your spirits and lights your mind on fire. Expect a slew of fresh ideas and revived inspiration. You will learn a new skill for work that will give you a competitive edge. Last month, you may have felt destabilized financially (read: your bank account felt the effects of #roseallday all weekend in the Hamptons) but August helps you rebudget and rework your resources so you can breathe a little easier. The Full Moon will bring you new motivation to focus on your health and wellness. Ground and nourish your body.


Are you ready for that cash money, my cosmic crab? Last month may have felt stagnant but, don’t fret, money and material opportunities flow to you this month. First, you are pushed to better manage your stacks. After the Full Moon, there's a good chance your bank account will increase unexpectedly. Maybe it’s that a side hustle turns into a real hustle or perhaps you land that proposal for a new corporate client that will lead to the big bucks. Either way, be sure to pay off any outstanding debts while you are in this personal fiscal fruitfulness. Confidence is key to cashing in on the energy for this month so believe in your worth. The energy you bring to the table is so money, baby, and you do totally know it.


With three major planets in your sign, the joy juice has been popped and is now fizzing and overflowing like the finest of champagnes. Enjoy your natural radiance and effervescence. Life is golden for you right now—you are receiving loads of affection, attention and adoration, romantically and professionally. What could be better than that? You are undoubtedly the star of the show. The Full Moon in the middle of the month kisses your partnership sector and blesses it with a beautiful energy. You are fulfilled in all matters of the heart and you are getting mega cosmic downloads for the year ahead. Make time to manifest because you are powerful AF right now. Basically, lovely lion, you are the bomb dot com. Your only task this month is you is to show up and shine.


Did someone order a rebirth? Last month a little… intense. At times it may have felt like an uphill battle but now the universe is pressing the great reset button in the sky. Your job is to let go of the past and move on. The Full Moon in the middle of the month will be like an adrenaline shot for your inner sparkle and strength to follow through with your goals. You have been feeling restless professionally but this month will bring a big accomplishment—a project that has taken a lot of precision, planning and plotting will be completed. At the end of the month, something sexy pops up and sparks will fly. Flirtatious fun aside, Virgo vixen, make sure to snag extra sleep when you can because the last day of August brings a New Moon in your sign. This means it’s time to usher in the next chapter!


In true Libra fashion, this month is all about balance. The beginning of the month brings in a breath of fresh, buzzy air. Socially, you have prom queen status popularity. The invites are non-stop. You may attend an event that will have an opportunity to connect with some seriously influential people. Or you might give a speech that dazzles your audience or receive public recognition and respect for your creative talents. The theme of this month is receiving rewards for previous actions, which could also mean a huge cash money moment for you. The Full Moon in the middle of the month lights up your love life. You are a smitten kitten and something that was once only a fantasy becomes a reality. Towards the end of August, you may hang your party hat and trade it in for your favorite pajamas. With much to celebrate, now it is time to get rested and recharged.


You are making money moves this August, sensual Scorpio. Could last month have been any more intense? Even for you (who can endure a lot of emotional depth and weight) it was a lot. The good news is that things are lightening up and you are thriving this month. The first half of August is all about gains, glory and #gettingafterit with a lot of positive energy surrounding your income and financial sector. Things start to become clearer and less complicated, in general. The Full Moon in the middle of the month shines a light on home and family—and may bring (somewhat surprising) news from a relative. Romantically, the waters are calm and clear so enjoy the smooth sailing in all matters of the heart


After swimming in a deep emotional sea, you're craving some fire, fun and adventure- and that's just what you'll get this month. This whole year is all about growth and expansion for you, my auspicious archer, but you probably felt like everything slowed to a halt the past few months. The winds have changed have turned back in your favor now! It's time to get back out into the world and live life to the fullest. In terms of your career, get ready to level up. The Full Moon in the middle of the month restores your faith and your zest for life. Romantically, you’re feeling a spiritual connection infused with summer crush energy (can be with a new person or with a long-term partner.) August is one of your best months of the year to maximize the many opportunities your way so make the most of it!


It’s all good, baby, baby. This month your animal magnetism is off the charts, my serious sea goat! People can’t resist you. Your financial life is lit and an unexpected fiscal gain may come your way via an investment, refund or gift from an anonymous person or secret benefactor. The Full Moon illuminates your finance and personal income sector so you also are cashing in on the few months of hard work now. You may feel triggered around not feeling like you deserve to receive all of these positive blessings but remember: you are so worthy. Feed your mind and soul at the end of the month with some spiritual self care, try an energy healing or intuitive reading. Expect deep clarity and comfort to come your way from it.


Team work makes the dream work this month. Your partnerships sector is lit up and collaborations is where you’ll find the most success this month. This goes for romantically, as well as professionally. A big commitment might be made at the middle of the month and there’s no shortage of affection and attention flowing your way from a special someone. Bask in it because the Full Moon in the middle of the month is in your sign, which means manifestations and heart healing abound. You will gain new emotional awareness and will finally be able to receive love at a much deeper level. The end of the month also brings a financial windfall, possibly from a family member or close friend.


This is a huge month, career-wise for you. Your work environment is more positive and productive than it ever has been. You feel harmonious and in flow with your colleagues and you are receiving recognition and financial reward after months of hard work behind-the-scenes. The Full Moon in the middle of the month brings a “Midas touch” energy and something you touch turns into gold. Work brings you joy and pleasure at a deep, heart-opening level. The end of the month brings a double whammy of cosmic energy in your love and relationship sector so you may find yourself with a secret admirer or catching feelings in a way that feels really yummy.

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