12 Innovative Gifts For Tech Titans

By The Editors | November 22, 2020 | Holiday Gift Guide

Gadgets and gizmos galore for the audiophile, technophile or gamer in your life.


What to get your special someone who is always glued to a screen? Upgrade their routine with technology designed to streamline all aspects of their daily grind. From wearables to smart speakers and e-bikes, elevate their electronics game with these gifts for gamers and techies alike.

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Until then on with the show.

Away x Master & Dynamic Headphones

Image of Away Tech Headphones

This limited edition collaboration between premium luggage brand AWAY and audio experts Master & Dynamic features a pair of over-the-ear headphones as polished as they are practical. Finished in a buttery tan leather, these noise-cancelling headphones have top-of-the-line Bluetooth range and up to a 24-hour battery life to enhance your travel experience. From $499


Cove Stress Reducing Device Image

From the latest in neuroscience breakthroughs, Cove is a wearable device designed to reduce stress — a rather timely piece of technology for our current ethos. Cove administers gentle vibrations behind the user’s ears to stimulate a biological pathway between the skin and the brain, activating a neurological response that regulates anxiety. If worn for just 20 minutes a day, the benefits include improved sleep and resilience to stress to help you take on whatever comes your way.

Stealth Billiards Table Image of Stealth Billiards Table

Exclusive to Rolls-Royce customers via the private shopping app WHISPERS, this futuristic billiards table makes for a standout addition to any game room. The table’s bold geometric design is fully customizable, available in lacquer, stains, veneer or laminate, and an array of cloths to fit your personal taste. Price available upon request

Amazon Halo

Amazon Halo Health App and Band Image

Stick to those New Year’s resolutions with Amazon Halo, a service and accompanying wearable to encourage healthier habits. Not only does the Halo measure and track body composition, sleep habits, activity levels, tone of voice and more, but the stylish device helps you interpret this data into lasting changes for your mental and psychical health. From $64.99

Echo Show 8Image of Echo Show Hulu Device

Connecting with loved ones is more important than ever, and Echo Show 8 makes it easy with hands-free video calls to other Echo devices from its 8-inch HD screen display. Echo’s voice-activated calendar and event reminders, access to streaming services such as Hulu, and smart home controls to adjust your light switches and thermostats help streamline your time at home. From $104.99

Bluejay Bikes

Modern White Bluejay Bike

With all the old-school charm of the classic bicycle, Bluejay e-bikes are an eco-friendly way to boost up your everyday commute or joyride. Bluejay includes a powerful 350-watt battery built to last up to 75 miles per charge with five levels of pedal assist, helping you charge up hills and cover long distances with ease. Its timeless design is available in a myriad of vintage-inspired finishes, plus an all-white style exclusively for the holidays. From $2995

HomePod Mini

Image of New Apple Home Pod Mini

Standing at just 3.3 inches tall, the small but mighty HomePod mini offers impressive audio power and quality for streaming your favorite songs and podcasts. It can be used in tandem with other Apple devices such as Apple TV and MacBooks to boost your sound experience. From $99

Tapper Rope Chains

Tapper Gold Rope Chain for Earbuds

Keep your Airpods in check without regressing back to a jumble of wires with Tapper, a chic piece of jewelry that magnetically locks your headphones around your neck. When not in use, Tapper looks like an elegant rope necklace. The chain is available 18k yellow or rose gold, silver or hematite black-plated to seamlessly fit any wardrobe. From $78


Image of Sidetrack Portable Monitor

Improve your work-from-home efficacy with a portable laptop monitor, reducing the frustration of constantly switching back and forth between tabs. The only portable monitor that doesn’t require a table, Sidetrak effectively doubles your laptop screen, and allows you to mirror your screen for more engaging presentations to share with an audience. From $299

Audio Technica AT-LPW30TK Turntable

Image of Audio Technica Turntable

This sophisticated turntable is fully manual, allowing for high-fidelity audio reproduction from vinyl. Its anti-resonance medium density fiberboard plinth with teak-simulated wood veneer reduces low-frequency acoustical feedback, while making it a stylish addition to any audiophile’s home. From $249

Oura Ring

Image of Black Oura Ring Health

A favorite of mega moguls Jack Dorsey and Arianna Huffington and NBA stars alike, the Oura ring syncs with Apple health to track biometric data such as sleep, body temperature, exercise and general health to improve overall wellness. Its discreet facade, available in various styles, makes self care sleek and simple. From $299

Apple Watch SE

Image of New SE Apple Watch Photo

The classic Apple Watch becomes simplified with watchOS7 technology, allowing children and older family members without iPhones to take advantage of Apple Watch’s many uses, such as fitness tracking, fall detection, emergency SOS and more. Its advanced retina display improves accessibility, and the watch is available in rose gold, silver and black to work in harmony with other accessories. From $279

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