5 Best Podcasts To Listen To While Riding The Hampton Jitney

Anetta Nowosielska | January 13, 2021 | Culture Lifestyle


Besides shuttling Hamptonites between the city and the beach in relative style, the Hampton Jitney's motorcoach is a fabulous opportunity to catch up on all your favorite podcasts. Of course, with so many podcasts on the market, how can you be sure you're spending your time wisely?

On a recent outing, we boldly asked a few riders what they were listening to, and the answers were diverse and intriguing. Some had an eye on local issues while others took a broad, national approach. Here's how these brainy locals pass the time while Jitney-ing down the Long Island Expressway.

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Happening in the Hamptons by Saunders & Associates

Who's listening: Jessica Stern

Why: This weekly podcast hosted by Steve Glick, David Rattiner and Andrew Doud explores the local real estate, trends, happenings and scandals that come to define the East End. “I’m in real estate,” Stern says, “and this is a good way to pick up some new points and ideas.”

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Who is Here in the Hamptons

Who's listening: Mariann Flaundry

Why: Local chronicler, Dan Rattiner, interviews people who make the Hamptons such a draw. In the many episodes, Rattiner offers a platform for locals to share their stories and connection to the Hamptons. “I’m on his chat with Lou Meisel, the gallery owner,” Flaundry explains. “Liking the conversation but not loving the quality of the recording.”

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The Joe Rogan Experience

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Who's listening: Stanley Kovich

Why: Quite the phenomena, this podcast by a standup comic/mix martial arts fanatic/psychedelic adventurer goes deep into the lives of some of the most remarkable humans of our time without judgement, revealing host’s unexpected sensibility. “An episodes lasts about the entire ride to the city,” Kovich says. “I like the guy. You’d never think he had the sensitive side to him, but he does.”

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The Art of Public Speaking

Who's listening: Max Lindberg

Why: “I’m not good in front of the crowds," Lindberg says, a retired accountant, "so I figured some tips can go a long way." This podcast is a great start to shake off public speaking jitters or simply master the art of a small conversation. For the record, our chat with Max was short and to the point.

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TED Talks Daily

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Who's listening: Josh Evans

Why: From Artificial Intelligence to zoology and everything in between, each episode of this podcast is given by leading creators and great thinkers of our time. TED Talks offer a thought-provoking way to kill time, for sure. “I find it to be especially useful when attending a dinner party and trying to impress your hosts,” Evans says, “kind of like what I’m doing tonight.”

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