Bobby Flay's Holiday Dinner Game Plan

By Anetta Nowosielska | December 5, 2018 | Food & Drink People

We asked Bobby Flay for his Holiday dinner game plan. Here is how he sees it.


This is Bobby Flay’s favorite time to chef around. “It’s the easiest way I know how to get my favorite people, my family and friends around the table,” the cooking wizard admits. “It’s the way I’m able to show my love for them: from my stove to their plates.” This is a considerable improvement from his very first holiday service that involved an overcooked roasted rack of pork he prepared for his family at the ripe age of 17. “My family said they loved it... but thinking back now it must have been quite overcooked. Two hours to roast a pork loin? That’s about twice the amount of time it really needs.” While his kinfolk still ranks on top of his guest list, for a fantasy holiday table, Flay aims high. “I’d love to make a plate for President Obama and Michelle Obama so we could continue to discuss getting kids to eat better. Muhammad Ali for his poetic speach, Willem de Kooning and Joan Mitchell so we could hear about the Hamptons in the ’60s, Julia Child and Wolfgang Puck because I know they’d bring a delicious dish or two, and Walter Cronkite. He’d have some great stories.” Here is how Flay would indulge his guests.

Red Prawns

“I serve a huge platter of these roasted at high heat in the shell and doused with red chile, garlic and fresh oregano.”


“I like the black sturgeon caviar, but who doesn’t? American paddlefish caviar is a good substitute and a lot more economical. I like making buckwheat blini with creme fraiche and chives and/or putting a dollop on top of a fried oyster.”

White Truffles

“It doesn’t get more lavish than that. Make sure they’re from Alba in Italy and bring your checkbook. They are crazy expensive by the pound, but a little goes a long way. Pick your poison: risotto, fresh fettuccine, soft scrambled eggs. I like to fold wild mushrooms into all of these and then shower the top with paper-thin truffle slices.”

Duck Confit

“The key? Tender meat falling off the bone and crispy skin. I serve a sauce of tangerine, ginger and fresh mint to cut the richness of the bird.”