Brittney Jones Debunks Some of the Entrepreneurial Myths

By: Evan Arroyo By: Evan Arroyo | May 11, 2021 | Sponsored Post,

Everyone is always super excited to start their own business. It doesn't matter whether the business has been on their minds for years or if it’s a relatively new intuitive hit. For many, it is more of a dream come true to become their boss and manage their own life.


Brittney Jones, a top female business coach points out that some people enter into business with loads of pre-conceived and unrealistic ideas. Her vast experience as an entrepreneur and global online business coach who has trained thousands to transform their businesses has given her a lot of lessons to share with others. She ventured into the entrepreneurial world at 16. Since then, she has built her business empire by building and selling various businesses that include an Ice cream store and beauty app. She is a self-made entrepreneur who after leaving university started small, struggling to make $2k to earning over $70K a month. At 30, Brittney was named a Top Female Entrepreneur to follow for 2020. It was the same year when she made over half a million dollars in income.

She has built a massive social media network with over 100K followers on Instagram, where she actively engages her audience as a business coach. Brittney also runs a weekly podcast, 'The Underestimate me Podcast' where she motivates entrepreneurs to keep their heads up and remain focused on their business objectives.

Having been in the entrepreneurial seat for years now, Brittney has seen many businesses thrive while others plunge due to mindset blocks and limiting beliefs around entrepreneurship. Below are some of those blocks she identifies.

• You need to start small and set realistic goals

A lot of what you do as an entrepreneur puts you far outside of your comfort zone. It requires a vision far beyond where you are at today. You don’t need goals that are realistic and motivating, you need goals that inspire you. There has to be a big want to decide to step outside of your comfort zone daily.

• You can do it yourself

This can be possible absolutely, and the trial and error period lasts longer when you stay in this mindset. To be successful as a business person, you need to appreciate the role played by other professionals from whom you can learn a lot as a person and business owner. And in my experience, this includes outsourcing work and hiring sooner than you think you need to.

• It will take you years to make good profits

There’s a saying in the business world that you won’t make money for your first 5 years in business, what a deflating way to start off your new venture. We adopt our limiting beliefs from other stories we’ve heard and we will live up to exactly what we believe to be possible for ourselves every single time. Learning to focus on what you want instead of preparing to fail is a quality all successful entrepreneurs harbour. It takes extra effort and intention as you learn this new skill. Pay attention to the stories you are telling yourself. Do you really want long slow growth?

• You have to sacrifice your personal life

You probably have come across this myth at some point in your life. Many people ironically think that entrepreneurs work all day and do not have their personal or family lives. Brittney advocates for a well-planned and focused entrepreneurial strategy. You aren't required to miss out on life’s moments just because you’ve signed up for the entrepreneurial world. You’ll actually find your more productive and have your most creative ideas front aking this down time as well.

Brittney is very active on social media. She can be contacted via Instagram and her website.

Photography by: Brittney Jones