15 Best Sites to Buy Instagram Followers

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When you decide to build a social media presence, Instagram is likely to be one of your first stops.

Instagram has an almost equal number of Gen-X, millennial, and Gen-Z users, making it the ideal choice for attracting a wide variety of potential customers or fans.

That’s not an easy task. Hundreds of millions of IG users upload content every day, and those who aren’t already popular on the platform can find it impossible to break through and attract viewers. The problem is a thorny one: Instagram’s algorithms give enormous weight to an account’s importance when deciding which videos should be displayed widely.

How do you break through? Most successful influencers and businesses start by buying followers. Once their account appears popular — even if most of those followers have been purchased — Instagram begins showing their content to large numbers of random users and they begin piling up organic video views, likes, and more followers.

But not all followers are the same. Many companies sell “fake” engagements generated by automation, and IG’s algorithms quickly remove them from the purchaser’s account. Some accounts even get banned.

It’s important to use the right vendors when you buy Instagram followers. They must be reputable, and they must deliver real followers from real IG accounts.

Here are the 15 best sites to consider.

The Best Sites for Buying Instagram Followers

Our Three Favorites

1. Twicsy

When in doubt, go for the best. Twicsy has been named the #1 Instagram service provider three years in a row and has been featured in publications like Us Weekly and Men’s Journal.

There are lots of reasons for that. Start with the quality of their real engagements from real accounts. Their followers won’t drop, won’t be removed by Instagram, and won’t endanger your IG account. Instead, they’ll contribute to increased visibility for your videos — and organic growth for your Instagram presence.


People who want to accelerate the process can also purchase high-quality, “active” followers from Twicsy. Those follows come from users that post regularly, even more valuable when Instagram is determining how important your account is and whether to display your content widely.

Packages start at just 100 real followers, which costs less than a Starbucks coffee. You can purchase as many as 5,000 at a time, and Twicsy’s top-notch support team will be happy to build larger packages for you, or combine followers with likes and video views at prices among the lowest anywhere.

Ordering is easy, the process is secure, and delivery is fast; the customer experience couldn’t be better. Neither could the results.

Buy Instagram Followers Now from Twicsy

2. Buzzoid

Buzzoid’s services are almost as good as Twicsy’s. They’ll deliver anywhere from 100-20,000 real Instagram followers at good prices, they offer the option of “active” followers, and they can provide real likes and video views if you want to supplement your increased follower base. They also offer an option that delivers authentic followers regularly, on a recurring monthly basis.


Other than Twicsy’s greater longevity and experience, the only other reason that Buzzoid comes in at #2 on this list is the fact that it can take up to two days for them to deliver all of your followers. They say they do that because they believe it makes the engagements look even more authentic; not all Instagram experts agree that it matters.

One thing’s certain, though. Buzzoid’s services work well, and we highly recommend!

Buy Instagram Followers Now from Buzzoid

3. Rushmax

We’d have absolutely no problem buying Instagram followers from any of our top three choices, including Rushmax. They provide as many as 5,000 authentic follows from real accounts, the type of engagements the algorithms want to see when deciding whether to display your content more widely.

They do their work at a fair price with fast delivery, and they can upgrade you to “active” followers if you’d like. Support is great, security is top-notch, and results are as impressive as you’d hope.

Buy Instagram Followers Now from Rushmax

Also Worth Considering

4. iDigic

iDigic delivers engagements on various social media platforms, but their Instagram services are some of their best. They can quickly provide anywhere from 100 to 10,000 authentic IG follows (or the same number of active ones) at attractive prices, as well as views, likes, and auto-likes.

5. InstaPowerful

This is a service that doesn’t fool around. They’ve been selling large followers packages (their smallest is 1,000 followers and their biggest is 20,000) since 2017 for low prices, delivering real follows in a few hours. One negative: they only handle support through email.

6. Likes.io

This is one of the bigger-name companies in the market, and they’ve earned a reputation for selling high-quality, real followers at reasonable prices. They’ll replace dropped follows, are happy to drip-feed engagements, and also sell likes (as you probably guessed) and views.

7. SocialPros

SocialPros does a good job, but be prepared to wait a while for delivery; it may take three days for small orders and even longer for big ones. They’re expensive, too, with some packages double the price charged by others.

8. Social Viral

This provider is also on the slow side to deliver orders, but their pricing is more in line with most competitors. They’re also newbie-friendly, willing to sell packages of just 50 real Instagram followers.

9. PopularUp

Not sure about buying IG followers? Popular Up will give you five for free, just for visiting their site. If you take out your credit card to purchase 1,000 to 8,000 follows, though, expect to pay high prices.

10. Goldstar Social

We’d call Goldstar Social “middle of the market.” Their prices are average, their delivery time is good but not lightning-quick, and their customer support is fine but not exceptional. They sell packages of 100 to 20,000 real followers.

11. BuyLikesService

Yes, they sell real IG likes, but their followers packages are quality ones as well. They can deliver up to 15,000 followers at decent prices, and provide the same services for five other platforms.

12. SocialEmpire

Social Empire’s followers cost slightly less than the ones from most other providers, but they’re all real and delivered quickly with a guarantee to replace dropped engagements. They also sell likes, auto-likes, comments, views, and more.

13. CheapIGFollowers

Don’t buy the cheap followers from CheapIGFollowers — they’re apparently bot-generated. The ones identified as “real followers'' are the ones that won’t hurt your account, but they’re much more expensive than you might expect.

14. GetRealBoost

You get arguably-better quality at a greater cost from this vendor; their IG real followers all come from English-speaking countries. It can also take as long as five days for them to deliver. Is the service worth paying for and waiting for? That’s your call.

15. Kicksta

Kicksta provides a monthly service that promises slow Instagram growth but doesn’t say how many followers you’ll get. They charge as much as $128 per month for showing your videos to users, some of whom will follow you. Some businesses like the extreme safety of the approach.

Frequently Asked Questions About Buying Instagram Followers

Q: How do you buy Instagram followers?

A: The process literally takes just a minute or two, as long as you’re purchasing from a reputable supplier. You visit their website, choose the number of followers you want to buy, and click the “buy now” button.

You’ll be asked to provide your user name, which lets them know which account should be followed, and you’ll be asked for your email address, so they can send you a receipt for your purchase.

You may also be asked if you want any options they provide, such as drip-feeding (delivering the followers more slowly than usual) or upgrading to “active” followers (follows from real accounts that are regularly active on Instagram, which cost more but many believe to be more valuable).
After that, you just make your payment, and the followers usually begin showing up in your account within minutes.

Q: How do you know which vendor to use?

A: We suggest using one of the social media service providers we’ve recommended because we’ve already vetted them. They’re reputable and deliver the real, authentic Instagram followers that will give your account a boost without doing any harm. If you’d prefer to find your own supplier, those are the two qualities that should be non-negotiable.

Q: What kind of harm could buying Instagram followers cause?

A: If you use a vendor that delivers fake followers that have been generated by a bot, Instagram can detect them quickly. They’ll delete the followers, and may either penalize your account or delete entirely for violating their terms of service.

Never purchase any types of social media engagements that don’t come from a real account owned by a real IG user; they can hurt your account badly. Real engagements only help, not hurt.

Q: How many Instagram followers should I buy?

A: It depends on many factors. It’s best to start slow and increase the size of your purchases as you begin to build an organic following. If you want advice, most reputable suppliers have knowledgeable customer support teams that will be happy to help.

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