Cesta Collective Is Reshaping the Mold and Breaking Glass Ceilings

By Helena Kontos | September 25, 2019 | Lifestyle

“Sustainably sourced” and “ethically made” are buzzwords driving fashion into the future. Courtney Weinblatt Fasciano and Erin Ryder, co-founders of Cesta Collective (cestacollective.com), have made it not only their mission but their mantra as well. The brand collaborates with women in Rwanda who make each piece by hand. Cesta’s most recent collaboration with another women- founded brand, La Ligne (lalignenyc.com), kicked off with a bash in Southampton. The collection features five styles highlighting custom La Ligne stripes in the cool-girl favorite lunchpail silhouette. These pieces not only empower and inspire but are also perfect for toting the chicest essentials around the scene out East.

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