David Roberts Shares How He Overcame Fear With MMA and Racing

By: Evan Arroyo | May 4, 2021 | Sponsored Post

David Roberts is a well-known professional mixed martial arts fighter and boxer with numerous accomplishments in the sport. However, what made him stand out more is his background and achievements in car racing. At the age of 16, he bought a CRG kart and practiced on the local tracks whenever they were open. He eventually entered professional karting races and later started racing Prototype and Grand Tourer cars.

His apparent lack of fear during his fighting competitions made many speculate whether his car racing background had anything to do with it. While the two sports may appear to have no connection at first glance, David Roberts can attest that his strong mentality in boxing and MMA can be attributed to his experience in racing.


How Racing Made David Roberts Fearless in MMA

According to David Roberts, the skills and qualities he developed while he trained to be a professional racer made him more fearless than most of his competitors in the MMA world. Here is how his proficiency in racing helped him overcome fear and made him a fearless fighter.

He knows he has an unfair advantage over his competitors

When David Roberts started training seriously as an MMA fighter, he already knew that being a professional athlete required complete focus and commitment to the sport. He had developed impressive self-control as a racecar driver and knew that he had an unfair advantage over other fighters. When it comes to getting ready for competitions, David Roberts, who has more self-discipline, is ahead of others.

His experience in racing has also helped him sharpen his senses because he had to always be aware of his surroundings and be good at making split-second decisions. If applied to boxing, the boxer who is more alert and has quicker reactions has a higher chance of winning.

He has trained himself to not fear death

It is undeniable that racing is not a sport that is meant for the faint of heart. There is a risk of getting life-threatening injuries and even losing one’s life due to an accident. Although their life is at stake with just one wrong move, racers must remain calm and focused. Therefore, those who aren’t mentally tough can’t make a name for themselves in the sport.

David had to mentally prepare himself to accept the consequences of his decisions. That means that he was prepared to die when he was racing. This when translated to boxing and MMA made him a feared fighter. He competes fearlessly with that mindset which has led to his victories in fights.


David Roberts fights inside the cage while having the same mentality that he has developed through years of experience in professional racing. He went on the track knowing the extreme risks to his life. When his acceptance of death as an outcome is transferred to the world of fighting, he instantly becomes one of the most feared fighters. He acknowledges this advantage over his opponents, which is why he enters each competition with the confidence that he will win.

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