Destination Haus Has Relocated To Montauk

Casey Weissman | April 14, 2021 | Home & Real Estate Feature

Luxe decor brand Destination Haus has moved to a new home in Montauk.

The store’s interior PHOTO COURTESY OF BRAND
The store’s interior

Destination Haus is infusing internationally inspired art and decor with a focus on sentiment and voyage to help customers build uniquely personalized home and work spaces with its eclectic pieces from all over the world. It sources items from over 20 artists locally and internationally to provide a vast range of designs. The company was founded by Laureen Vellante and her two daughters Kendra and Carlyn.

A porcelain and crushed glass salad and dinner plate. PHOTO COURTESY OF BRAND
A porcelain and crushed glass salad and dinner plate.

They combined their passions of photojournalism and house flipping, luxury wholesale and travel, photography and art advisory, respectively, to build an interiors brand that blends culture and ambiance. They work closely with clients to ensure a curated experience that assists shoppers in creating a home space that reflects their own unique style. Artists they work with specialize in specific genres of design like Anne Holtermann, who paints abstract pieces to reflect visual memory with colors and shapes that harmonize any space. The brand also curates the store so clients can shop by destination—travel to Africa with the extensive collection that reflects culture and landscape from the diverse continent. With decor spanning beach shore style and African influence to Moroccan chic, New England decor and Montauk boheme, Destination Haus has it all. 83 S. Elmwood Ave., Montauk

A Destination Hauscurated room at Rockaway Hotel PHOTO COURTESY OF BRAND
A Destination Hauscurated room at Rockaway Hotel