DJ Oli Benz Releases His Debut Single

Anetta Nowosielska | July 2, 2020 | Culture People


Local scene fixture Oli Benz is releasing a debut ditty. Its sounds will make you want to dance and shout.

Get ready to see and hear a lot more of a local “it” bloke this summer. Music producer, songwriter and DJ Oli Benz is releasing his debut single titled “Rhythm Romance.” Featuring co-writer and R&B songstress Colby Cecca, the track draws inspiration from disco house, falling onto the genre’s melodic grandeur in what’s been referenced as one of the most hauntingly beautiful pop culture trends. Raised in a musical family in Australia, Benz’s earliest exposure to music was rooted in jazz and church worship before discovering the worlds of alternative and punk rock as a kid. The Montauk-loving surfer then channeled those sonic layers into a signature style that embraces his nomadic experiences. From the land Down Under to New York City, this Aussie’s beats quickly found a loyal audience among the city’s scenesters, including Ralph Lauren and more recently at The Surf Lodge. If Benz’s East End fan following is any indication, “Rhythm Romance” could well be the hit we need this summer.

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Photography by: Lucas Passmore