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Drew Barrymore on Nurturing Her Entrepreneurial Side & Why Her New Rosé Will Be the Drink of the Season

By Samantha Yanks | May 25, 2016 | People Feature

2016 has been a time of change for Drew Barrymore: The actress exited a four-year marriage; released Wildflower, a collection of stories; and debuted a rosé—just in time for summer sipping. We’ll toast to that!


While Drew Barrymore has a new acting project coming to Netflix in 2017, right now she’s looking forward to spending the summer in Amagansett with her daughters and best friend and pitching her new rosé from Barrymore Wines.

While gearing up for the 2017 premiere of her new series on Netflix, Santa Clarita Diet, actress Drew Barrymore is taking a pause from the screen this season to focus on her burgeoning career as an entrepreneur, building her accessories and makeup line, Flower, into a major business and debuting the perfect rosé for sipping in the Hamptons this summer.

In 2013, you launched your Pinot Grigio under the Barrymore Wines label, while simultaneously Flower, your beauty and accessories brand, came onto the scene. You have found so much success with both, but what made you depart the world of acting to focus on your entrepreneurial side?
Well, thank you for seeing it that way! Both are about storytelling for me, as well as a communal experience. Both bring people together.

When did your passion for wine begin?
I first started making wine out of Italy about eight years ago, and it was a wonderful learning experience. My first wine that I fell in love with was Pinot Grigio, so to spend time in the venue and the places where some of the finest Pinot is grown and made was an incredible education for me. Then Jackson Family Wines launched our California Pinot a few years ago, and I was able to apply all of that knowledge to our American foray.

And how did that partnership with Jackson Family Wines come about?
What inspired me to work with them was that we had the same vision. And part of that was to be prolific and make lots of different varietals. We are launching our third after just three years.


“We are in the beauty business, but we’re in the joy business,” says the actress-turned-entrepreneur, whose cosmetics line, Flower, aims to create makeup that will “enable empowerment and happiness in women.”

Which brings us to today. This summer you’re debuting a Hamptons favorite summer varietal, a limited-run rosé.
Yes, rosé, like Pinot Grigio, is that chilled, easy-drinking wine that, for me, is a perennial pleasure. I even love a chilled red, like a Beaujolais. The quest is to find wines that have complexity and depth, but that are still light in body and color. Barrymore by Carmel Road Rosé of Pinot Noir is just that.

What flavor notes will we discover in your summer rosé?
Peach, apricot, citrus, and strawberry. You can really hit a lot of notes and yet still have balance. It is irresistibly refreshing! Our rosé reminds me of times spent with friends and family, gathered around the long table, sharing food and laughter on an endless summer day.

In addition to developing the Barrymore Wines portfolio, you also have your beauty brand, Flower. What is blossoming in the world of Flower?
Flower is about finding the highest quality and finding a new way to make it affordable. It’s also about positive messaging. Women need makeup, but the makeup should enable empowerment and happiness in women. Bring out your best self and no one else. We are in the beauty business, but we’re in the joy business.

"Our rosé reminds me of times spent with friends and family, gathered around the long table, sharing food and laughter on an endless summer day."

What do you consider to be some of the core pieces for Flower?
Our makeup is about luxury and prestige formulas. We have the exact same ingredients as you find in the department stores. The eyewear is also made with the same materials that are in the expensive designer eyewear, made out of the exact same labs. We tried to bring a chic approach to the vision center. Our fragrance is a true eau de parfum made at Givaudan, the number-one fragrance house in the world. There is a way to move profit margins and put marketing dollars into your products, which is ultimately what ends up in the customer’s hands. It is extremely challenging. But we spare no expense in what is made. And then we get clever about how to financially pull off that business model.

Do you just love discovering women wearing your products?
It’s the highlight of my life. To make anything that makes any women happy is more than a job well done. There is an emotional payoff like nothing else.

You started with beauty, then sunglasses, now clothing?
Beauty, eyewear, and fragrance are all an above-the-neck category. It would be fun to explore the same philosophies we have in apparel. Stay tuned for that!

There’s a lot of buzz about your return to acting next year in a new Netflix series called Santa Clarita Diet, a dark comedy set in suburban Southern California, costarring Timothy Olyphant. Tell us more about that project.
[The new show] is crazy and exciting. I haven’t worked very much so that I could raise my children [daughters Olive, 3, and Frankie, 2]. It feels fresh to go back to something I’ve known for so long. It’s funny how you can make it new again.


Barrymore enjoys working in one of Carmel Road’s Pinot Noir vineyards in Monterey County.

On top of all of this, you also have a book filled with memories, a collection of stories, titled Wildflower. What was the inspiration?
Bucket list checked! I have always wanted to write a book, since I was 7, but timing is everything. I simply never had the perspective I do now, let alone a life experience that would give me the material and the objectivity to my life. It was one of the most fluid and personal things I have ever done.

The mission appears to be a letter of thanks.
Yes, it is non-self-indulgent, never insulting, and a love letter to those I have learned so much from. It’s also for my daughters, so it is written for them as well as with them in mind. When I wrote it, I laughed and I cried. Hopefully, it will hit the reader that way, too.

As you begin your next chapter this summer, what is one of your favorite memories of summer out here at the beach?
Walking around my best friend Nan’s [Nancy Juvonen] lawn, with Frankie in the BabyBjörn, while Olive swam in her pool. My children and my girlfriends and the green grass told me I was exactly where I was supposed to be. That is what I consider to be a true “moment.”

Are you excited to spend summer with them in Amagansett?
I definitely am! I’m kicking off the summer in the Hamptons, pitching my wine—honestly!—and hanging with friends. As far as where the days of summer take me, I am still figuring that out.

Photography by: photography by brooke Duthie; Danielle levitt /august