7 East End Meals to Try Now

By Anetta Nowosielska | December 11, 2018 | Food & Drink

With an abundance of squashes, brussels sprouts and yams, local restaurants are putting on a culinary spectacle. Here are our top epicurean picks.

Bouillabaisse at Vine Street Café


Rumor has it, bouillabaisse at Vine Street Café on Shelter Island is keeping the ferry very busy during the off-season. Prepared by Terry Harwood and Lisa Murphy, ingredients for this classic French dish are sourced exclusively from local purveyors, making this restaurant a “must do” for any foodie. vinestreetcafe.com

Adobo Chicken Deconstructed Enchilada at Union Cantina

Texture is king in this dish that celebrates layered homemade tostadas with adobo-spiced grilled chicken breast, queso blanco and asador and Mexican cheeses. According to executive chef Scott Kampf, “Our way of preparing this, much like a traditional napoleon, allows to enhance those flavors with the addition of crispy tostadas.” unioncantina.net

Lobster Shepherd's Pie at The Plaza Café


Ask anyone about The Plaza Café and no doubt you’ll be told about its famous dish. Lobster, red shrimp, mushrooms, peas and corn are arranged beneath a chive-potato crust. This winter indulgence is as filling as it is delicious. plazacaferestaurant.com

Le Grand Macaroni & Cheese at Almond

Comfort food at its best, Almond’s legendary version is made with prosciutto and chopped truffles, and, as a finishing touch, it is garnished with truffle oil. ’Nuff said. almondrestaurant.com

Bomboloni at Nick & Toni's


Unlike a regular doughnut that is filled from the side, a bomboloni is filled from the top. It is fried to order, rolled in vanilla sugar, and then filled with a lemon marshmallow fluff. Served with whipped lemon ganache, graham cracker crumbles and graham cracker gelato, it’s the perfect winter dessert. nickandtonis.com

Ravioli Filled with Carbonara Sauce at Dopo La Spiaggia

Chef Massimo Sola’s latest creation marries two favorite Italian concepts in one delicious dish. The ravioli are filled with creamy carbonara sauce and sprinkled with crunchy guanciale, an Italian cured meat product prepared from pork jowl and cheeks. Available at both locations, this dish is as hearty as it gets. dopolaspiaggia.com

Pellegrino Pappardelle with Braised Short Ribs at Bistro Eté

Chef Arie Pavlou’s homemade pappardelle calls for Pellegrino in lieu of tap water, which results in pasta that’s a little lighter. In its infancy the dish’s preparation was subject to the chef’s whim, but customers kept asking for the short rib finish. Three seasons later, it’s still the house’s favorite. bistroete.com