Keep Your Summer Body Year Round With These Essential Fitness Tips

By Gary Duff | August 29, 2019 | Lifestyle

With help from fitness guru Mary Ann Browning, these essential tips and tricks can help you keep your summer body year round.


With fall in sight, how can people keep their summer body year round?
MARY ANN BROWNING: You need to move—as in not just go to your workout then get in a cab or your driver for the rest of the day. Walk more, try to do two activities a day. Cardio in the morning and workout in the afternoon—or vice versa. Go for an intense walk after work. Watch your portions. In the fall and winter we think we need to eat more—not true! Make a rule, no eating a few days a week past 7 p.m.

What are your favorite at-home exercises? For men?
I think for both men and women, you can do any rehab strengthen work like rotator cuff work, glute work (using your own body weight like a Bulgarian split squat) and band glue work—this is so good to strengthen your glutes. Also, core work and stretching—allows more time for hard work at the gym.

What are some simple diet and fitness tips everyone should know?
Diets don’t work. Sign up for a nutritional with me and I will design a plan as we go for your way of life. Don’t over eat your protein, don’t be scared of complex carbs (especially if you move a lot). Remember the advice given out there is generalized. You need a custom tailored program. Avocado toast is 600 calories on average. Avoid juices and soups that come from stores—I teach all of my clients how to accurately read food labels.

Do you use apps to enhance your workout?
No. I use one of my staff when I need a push. I pay them to train me. General workout apps don’t work for me. I tell my clients that you can add it in as your second workout in a day.

What's your go-to workout song?
Joe Crocker’s "Summer In The City"—I once ran 90 minutes on a treadmill on repeat to it. I also once ran an Ironman and did other crazy things—such as three hours on a treadmill with no music—it makes my mind strong! The good thing about where I am now is that I can guide others not to do all the crazy things i did.

Photography by: Photography courtesy Mary Ann Browning