Hamptonites Lead Scenic Bespoke Tours Of British Shores

Anetta Nowosielska | July 24, 2020 | Lifestyle Travel

Two garden-loving Hamptonites packaged England's beauty in bespoke tours that wow with unique experiences.

PhilipPierce.jpgCaplan Rose tours offer visits to gardens of influential designers.

When Katharine Battle and Emily Goldstein realized that travel planning was something they had in common, the two art and horticulture enthusiasts launched Caplan Rose, a travel hatchery of bespoke tours that bring like-minded aficionados to the British shores in pursuit of cultivated experiences. “What I love is introducing people to a diverse group of British characters, from unpretentious landowners to humble gardeners,” Battle explains. Tour partakers can expect to visit private gardens of influential designers, go on behind-the-scenes tours of acclaimed art galleries and museums, and visit with speakers who focus on best organic garden practices.

Next year, Caplan Rose’s offerings will include two expeditions, one to Cotswolds and another to the Cornwall area, that will highlight art and stunning landscapes where Goldstein’s expert eye as East Hampton’s Drawing Room owner will come in handy. “A large part of the creative incentive is the fun of tailoring a sequential visual experience that presents a particular point of view,” she says. “Researching the gardens and art collections with Katharine and choreographing each itinerary entails a similar thought process. It’s a rewarding collaboration.”

Photography by: Philip Pierce