Which Of These 5 Hamptons Celebrities Is Your Aquarius Alter-Ego?

Rachel Feinblatt | January 19, 2021 | Lifestyle


Those of us born Jan. 20 through Feb. 18 are anything but ordinary, and some of our favorite local Hamptons celebrities are Aquarians, too!

Which Aquarius celebrities are just like you? Match yourself to your favorite star!

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Who: Elie Tahari

Aquarius Type: Free Spirited

Birthday: January 21

For more than 45 years, the Israeli fashion icon has brought a unique spin to the fashion and design industry, defying traditional norms. It's hard to believe he came to the United States with only $100. His passion for fashion has been his sole driving force when creating pieces for both women and men. With more than 600 stores across more than 40 countries, Tahari has created a successful international brand based on his unique approach. His most powerful tool when it comes to designing his next line is himself -- defying social constructs while creating unbelievable pieces the likes of which the runway has never seen.

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Who: Christie Brinkley

Aquarius Type: Unique

Birthday: February 2

This actress, supermodel, author, artist and entrepreneur really does it all. From Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issues to Covergirl, Christie Brinkley has is an unforgettable face of the Gen X generation. Most recently, we've seen her on Dancing With The Stars or showing off her beautiful physique on socails. If you could look like any given celebrity in your 60s, Brinkley would be at the top of your list. Stalk her Instagram page, @christiebrinkley and take a little inspo from her unreal life.

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Who: Ina Garten

Aquarius Type: Creative

Birthday: February 2

Everyone in the cooking world knows Ina Garten and, even more so, her delicious contributions to the industry. Her cooking empire has built a name out on rich and delectable recipes from the so-called "Barefoot Contessa Pantry." She still releases cookbooks, her most recent being Modern Comfort Food: A Barefoot Contessa Cookbook. If you have never tried to master one of her recipes, you just aren't using your pots and pans correctly. Her creativity is reflected in her cookbooks where we can all enjoy unique recipes for every occasion.

Who: John McEnroe

Aquarius Type: Visionary

Birthday: February 16

Tennis icon John McEnroe needs no introduction. After seven grand slam titles, McEnroe made it his goal to give the tennis experience to young aspiring athletes. He established the John McEnroe Tennis Academy at SPORTIME Randall’s Island with an aim to produce the top tennis academy in the nation. Today, the Academy offers 20 courts for a year round tennis training experience as McEnroe continues to give kids an opportunity to succeed in the sport that made him a legend.

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Who: Billy Joel

Aquarius Type: Intelligent

Birthday: February 17

If you can't name five Billy Joel songs off of the top of your head, we can’t be friends. He continues to tour into his 70s, (at least before COVID cancelled all concerts temporarily). "We Didn’t Start The Fire," "Uptown Girl," and "Piano Man" are some of our favorite throwbacks to blast. It takes a mastermind to write and produce some of the greatest songs of the century. The world of music would certainly look a lot different without Billy Joel's golden touch. His lyrical wit and melodic mastery is unmatched and unforgettable. Each of his songs are -- yeah, we'll say it -- a work of a genius.

Photography by: DarkmoonArt_de/pixabay