Here's The Recipe For Feeling Good

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OK, maybe this isn’t an exact step-by-step guide, but by remixing and reimagining natural homeopathic remedies, Flexpower is creating new self-care sensations that go well beyond trends and fads.


What you put on or into your body has a direct impact on how you look and how you feel. This isn’t a bold statement – in fact, it’s been the impetus behind catchphrases both timeless (“You are what you eat”) and trendy (“Change your body by changing your thoughts”). But seeing as your wellbeing is a combination of so many ingredients already – your genes, your environment, your diet, your career – it makes sense to seek out products that are just as concerned with what goes in them as they are with whether or not they work.

Right from the start, Flexpower aimed to be a healthier self-care alternative to anything else on the market without minimizing its powerful, performance-tested effectiveness. This meant seeking out things that simply…worked. And worked well together. And were locally sourced and sustainable. Nothing was off the table - old-fashioned remedies were introduced to newer, trendier ingredients, and the ways in which they enhanced one another proved to be a revelation. It changed Flexpower’s approach to health and wellness, and inspired it to be a brand for everyone, for every activity, every day.

There is no one single recipe for wellness, but you still need the right ingredients.


Putting Arnica to Work

With Flexpower Warm already hugely popular among athletes for its scent-free, deep-warming sensation and penetrating effectiveness – designed to be easier on the body than pills – Flexpower introduced its “cousin,” Flexpower Soothe. Where Warm was built around trolamine salicylate (which gives it its analgesic effect) and Vitamin E, Soothe was intended to be part of a daily self-care routine, without the intense warming sensation. This led Flexpower to arnica (a flower that has been cultivated for its healing properties for centuries) as its main active ingredient. As Flexpower founder Rasheen Smith describes it, “Arnica has this amazingly pleasant sensation that’s neither hot nor cold, it’s just refreshing.” But Smith and his team made a surprising discovery along the way.

By combining arnica with CBD, Flexpower unlocked the potential of both in a whole new way. It created Soothe’s signature feel – that calming “refresh.” Even though CBD products are all the rage right now, Flexpower was drawn to it for one simple reason: It works. Using CBD derived from hemp (so it contains no THC and is safe for anyone to use) fit the goal of creating natural, homeopathic self-care, and elevated Soothe from a pain relief solution to a whole new approach to daily self-care.


Classic Remedies Remixed

The excitement around revitalizing an age-old remedy like arnica turned Flexpower’s attention to one of the foundational building blocks of self-care and recovery: The Epsom salt bath. You know Epsom salts. It’s been in your grandmother’s, your mother’s, and very likely your cabinet for as long as you can remember – because, again, it simply works. Seeing the potential for their lotions to work in partnership with calming, aromatherapy baths, Flexpower sought ways to enhance Epsom salts in much the same way as they did arnica.

By combining Epsom salts with sea salt, Vitamin E, and naturally derived lavender, and chamomile (in the Soothe Bath Salts) and eucalyptus and lime (in the Cool Bath Salts), Flexpower created an all-around experience. You’ve heard the term “bath & body,”
but how often has something really brought out the potential of both at the same time? The Epsom salts ease muscles, the Vitamin E nourishes your skin, and the scents clear and refresh your senses. You emerge feeling better inside and out than when you submerged. And that is, after all, the whole point.


“We’ve taken the same approach with all of our products to deliver an exceptional wellness experience,” says Smith. “Each product’s unique ingredients contain components that act in orchestrated synergy to produce a combined sensation that is greater and longer lasting than what each of them could do on their own.”

Flexpower’s roots have always been active and energetic, but wellness and self-care can and should be for everyone. By looking to nature and creating new partner ingredients, Flexpower promises as close to a “recipe” for feeling good as you can get.


You can’t buy wellness in a bottle, but you can find a lot of help on your journey towards it.

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