Hilary Swank Talks with Mariska Hargitay about Mission Statement & Why They Love the Hamptons

| May 24, 2017 | People Feature

Hilary Swank chats about her luxe line of athleisure wear, Mission Statement, with friend and fellow actress Mariska Hargitay and shares her secret to finding the power within.


Cloud Layer 4 sweater ($225) and Strong Hold bra ($125), Mission Statement. Skirt, Dior ($3,500). Americana Manhasset, 2060 Northern Blvd., 516-365-5680. Bikini bottom, Kore ($117). Sunset Beach Boutique, 35 Shore Road, Shelter Island, 749-2001

Mariska Hargitay: Okay. Let’s just jump in with how it all began.
Hilary Swank:
It was so interesting, my very first trunk show [for Mission Statement] was in the Hamptons, and you were obviously there being my dear friend.

MH: I had never seen your beautiful new line. I brought a bunch of my friends, as you know, and our jaws dropped, because the pieces were so amazing. I remember you saying, "It’s a secret, it’s a secret." I wanted to tweet and Instagram to the world, and I wanted 10 pieces for myself! I Instagrammed one, and you were like, "Make sure that nobody can see what’s behind it." It was like our top-secret mission.
That’s right. At that point, we were under an embargo... A lot of people call it leisure wear. The reason why I call it aesthetic wear is because it’s taking leisure wear to the next level.

MH: It’s not leisure wear because of the dresses, and one of the things I just couldn’t believe is that they are dresses you can play in. I know how much you love tennis, and you can literally wear it to tennis and then go to a dinner party and be the chicest girl there.
Like you, I grew up doing sports. I couldn’t live without it. It just makes me feel good inside. It makes me feel connected. Most of the women in the world that I know—whether they’re taking their kids to school or they’re going to work—go from their workout to their day. I thought, Why can’t we have clothes that are cutting-edge—with technical fabrics that aren’t out on the market with knee support and butt lift and hip support—but that cross over so they don’t look like workout clothes? So you can have it all? That’s what the modern-day woman needs. When I was looking for that and couldn’t find it, I thought, Well, I’m going to create it.

MH: One of the comments that I heard most from people was, "I would wear this out to a party." That’s what everyone was saying—"I would wear this anywhere. This is my weekend wear."
I wanted to create something that people could wear even if they just want to work out, that they could go out and they could pair the tennis dress with a pair of boots or a pair of heels and have their day. Also, I travel so much, you travel so much. The idea of getting an outfit for the plane that’s comfortable but chic, that’s a whole other ball game in itself.


Zing top, Mission Statement ($525). Trousers, Roland Mouret ($1,395). Shari’s Place, 44 Glen Cove Road, Greenvale, 516-484-7400; 29 Main St., Southampton, 726-7200

MH: What about the pants? They’re like washable leather?
Every single piece has a specific functionality, [like] the leather jacket. You can open up the back zipper so that you can get on a bike. Many people are riding those city bikes all around, and you can easily reach the handle bars and you can just have more room in your shoulders. It could get wet. If it’s misting out or there’s rain showers, it doesn’t matter.

MH: It solves so many problems. People are going to live differently, pack differently. What is your absolute favorite piece, or pieces?
I would say I’d probably wear the Yummy track pants the most. They just feel so soft on your skin, and I can work, do yoga, running, whatever type of workout, but then I can pull them up into half and just go out in my day.


Triple Back bra, Mission Statement ($185). Bikini bottom, Kore ($117). Sunset Beach Boutique, 35 Shore Road, Shelter Island, 749-2001

MH: Where can we get it?
It’s all online right now at missionstatement.com.

MH: I so love your mission statement. I actually have it taped up in my room because it’s such an amazing reminder. Can you tell us about your philosophy about taking care of yourself?
I think time is really evolving into allowing women to do it all with the support of other women like you. They see you and they’re inspired to step into their full potential. Part of that is making time for yourself in order to be able to do that. I have this mantra that I go by, which is "Make a choice, make it happen," because every single day, we have a choice to step into our full potential. A lot of people, sometimes they don’t even know what that is because they’re living other people’s ideas of who they should be. The underlying purpose of the brand is to encourage women to either figure out what it is they want to do with this one precious life, or really follow what they already know they’re supposed to be doing. That’s why, for Mission Statement, it’s for women to step into their own personal mission statement, whatever that is for themselves, and take an hour, just one hour out of a 24-hour day, to work towards it.


Sweater, Tomas Maier ($790). 74 Montauk Hwy., East Hampton, 604-6700. Va Va Voom pants, Mission Statement ($990). Pumps, Jimmy Choo ($695). 66 Newtown Lane, East Hampton, 917-539-4874

MH: I need to get like you and do the one-hour workout. That’s the part I have to figure out—trying to get enough sleep so I can take that hour for myself.
Here’s the thing. For me, taking that hour to work out is my thing, and it helps me center myself. But for someone else, it might be sitting down and being quiet, because they’re always on the go, or someone might say, "Okay, I’m going to take this hour, because I’ve always wanted to be a painter, and I’m going to paint for an hour." That’s the thing—to take that hour and really honor it, really do it.

MH: Where did you learn to quiet the noises and to listen to that beautiful inner voice?
That’s a beautiful question. I have this great mom who says to me, "You can do anything you want in life." People will tell you, "You can’t." I had people say, "When are you going to give up your hobby?" I don’t think there’s any better gift you can give a child except the gift of believing in themselves. I think that’s the blessing of now being in my 40s. When I was in my 20s and 30s, I felt alone in my insecurities, like no one else had them, and now I’m like, "Oh, we all have them." How do we unite through them and see that we’re not alone in them?


MH: When did you learn to say, "I can do it"?
It’s a daily reminder, because I don’t wake up and think, Oh, I can do that. I just wrapped a movie yesterday, and every time I take a job I’m like, "I hope I don’t eff this up. I hope that I can do it. I hope I can figure it out." That goes from my work to who I am as a person. What can I do today to step into my fullest potential? I try to do something that scares me every day so that I feel like I’ve really stepped into my life.

MH: I know everyone wants to hear about the Hamptons and why you love the East End. Tell me some of your favorite places—even though I think I know what your favorite place is...
You know where my favorite places are! I love the Hamptons because you and my goddaughter are there and your other two children and husband. That’s the main thing that brings me to the Hamptons—your love and light. You guys created a place there because it is filled with love and light that it’s just so relaxing. The water that cleanses [is] right there, having the beach and the land and the farm-to-table food... We all need to have a place where we go and recharge.

MH: I love that. I feel the exact same way about it, but some of my favorite moments are when you’re there and we can catch up. It’s just a sacred time.
Yeah, it certainly is.


Cloud Layer 4 sweater ($225) and Strong Hold bra ($125), Mission Statement. Skirt, Dior ($3,500). Americana Manhasset, 2060 Northern Blvd., 516-365-5680. Bikini bottom, Kore ($117). Sunset Beach Boutique, 35 Shore Road, Shelter Island, 749-2001

MH: Tell us about the movie you just wrapped. I don’t know what you’re allowed to tell, but I know we all want to hear it.
I can tell. It’s a first-time writer-director [Elizabeth Chomko], a woman, who was telling a part of her story. It’s called What They Had, and it’s about a family and family dynamics. It’s just this beautiful story about a woman finding herself and honoring herself. I’m having an incredible time. To work with a female writer-director who’s so brilliant—she’s going to have such an astonishing career. It was really lovely.

MH: What thrills you?
People and their stories.

MH: What’s the first thing that you think about in the morning when you wake up?
Well, usually my dogs because they jump up and get right in my face.

MH: What’s the last thing you think about before you go to bed?
I’m [doing] this thing right now where I go to bed and I think about at least three things I’m grateful for, and it sends me off into a really good, healthy rest.

MH: What are you most proud of?
My nonprofit, Hilaroo, which links at-risk kids that have been given up on, in group or foster homes, with abandoned dogs from shelters. We host camps that bring kids and these dogs together and help them both heal by bonding with each other.

MH: What’s something you want people to say about you?
"She was there for me."

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