How to Host a Provencal Picnic This Summer

By Lauren Stone By Lauren Stone | June 23, 2023 | Food & Drink, Sponsored Post,

From refreshing AIX Rosé to French-inspired dishware, bring the essence of Provence to your next summer outing.


Picnic season is upon us, but this year, go beyond just throwing an old blanket on the grass and packing sandwiches in a cooler (where’s the fun in that?). Instead, why not elevate your dining en plein air? With the proper inspiration, and a few bottles of AIX (pronounced “x”) rosé, you can make a simple picnic feel like a sunny afternoon in the south of France.

Set the Scene

aix_beach_picnic-0001.jpgWith notes of fresh red fruits, peach and subtle flower hints, award-winning AIX rosé is the perfect beverage to sip under the sun.

From vibrant lavender fields and breathtaking vineyards to historic hilltop villages, Provence, the southeast region of France, is a summertime fantasy. To bring this enchanting French energy to your picnic, channel the aura of the Maison Saint Aix estate.

In true Provence fashion, the home of AIX rosé is nestled in the rolling hills behind a set of ancient stone gates. Surrounded by olive trees, vines, pine trees and lavender, Maison Saint Aix values exceptional rosé and bringing people together under the sun—the perfect recipe for an unforgettable summer afternoon.

Maison_Saint_Aix_Winery_14.jpgSituated high up in the Provence hills, Maison Saint Aix is surrounded by picturesque vineyards and olive groves.

While you might not be in the south of France, choose a picnic location that embodies the natural essence of the region. Whether it be on a lush hill in your local park, under a canopy of trees in a backyard, on the beach at sunset or surrounded by blossoming flowers, pick a spot that emphasizes nature.

For the color scheme, translate Maison Saint Aix’s aesthetic to your picnic by incorporating the shades of Provence into your setup: the light blue of the Mediterranean water, the mesmerizing purple lavender fields, the captivating green vineyards and the mouthwatering salmon hue of AIX rosé.

But the key to cultivating the right ambiance is the people. You want your picnic blanket filled with friends and family, so invite those you love and embrace being together.

What to Bring

glasses-0001.jpgAIX bottles come in a plethora of sizes, from the regular 750ml bottle all the way to a 15L Nebuchadnezzar.

Provence is known as the birthplace of rosé, so you can’t have a Provencal picnic without the iconic pink wine. The region’s mineral-rich soil and year-round sunshine offer ideal growing conditions for Grenache, Syrah and Cinsault grapes, the blend used to make AIX rosé. Fresh, fragrant and balanced, this rosé will bring the flavors of Provence to your picnic. Pro tip: Opt for the 3 liter Double Magnum bottle if serving a crowd.

Another way to immediately Provence-ify your picnic is to bring French-inspired decor and tableware. If you’re hosting at home, start with foldable bistro tables topped with a lacey or floral tablecloth. If you’re on location, layer a few linen blankets on the ground to create a colorful landing pad. As for dishes, stick to unbreakable materials like paper, acrylic or melamine, but choose plates and bowls adorned with flowers or blue and white designs to evoke classic Provencal ceramics.

aix_bucket_on_rocks.jpgKeep your wine chilled all day with a bucket of ice—bonus points if it's on the Provence theme.

When picking out the picnic fare, bring food that’s easy to store and commonly found in Provence. For appetizers, think of including a Provençal cheese like Banon or a quintessential French cheese like Brie, or go for crudité with garlic aioli. If you’re going all out for the meal, bring a veggie-filled pot of ratatouille, or opt for a pan bagnat—french bread stuffed with tuna, hardboiled eggs, and vegetables and topped with olive oil and vinegar. Finish up your Provence picnic with a sweet French treat such as nougat, candied fruit or an apple tarte tatin. Salut!

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