How To Request a Custom Order From Haimov Jewelers

By: Evan Arroyo By: Evan Arroyo | May 11, 2021 | Sponsored Post,

There’s a uniqueness and charm to personalized accessories that no other thing can give. They can be purchased to improve the wearer’s look or as a symbol for something. Regardless of the value of custom pieces, they hold a special place and will never fade from memory when they mean something deep to us.

There is no better jewelry store than Haimov Jewelers for those who want to get customized jewelry. The store is renowned for the quality of its creations and has become one of the most trustable names for personalized jewelry.


How Clients Can Order Custom Pieces Online

Besides personally going to the shop located in Downtown Miami, customers can also purchase pre-made and custom jewelry from Haimov Jewelers online. It may indeed be a concern that clients can’t physically feel the product for themselves before claiming it. However, since the shop has a return policy for manufacturing defects, it wouldn’t be an issue.

Visit Haimov Jewelers’ website

Since the transaction will be processed online, the clients should start by visiting Haimov Jeweler’s official website. They will have all the essential information about the business and can see and purchase the various jewelry including pendants, chains, bracelets, watches, earrings, rings, and more.

To get a custom order listed, the client should go to the custom pieces tab, and from there they can fill out a form with their personal information including their first and last names, email, and phone number. They are also required to indicate their budget range to better make it possible for the store to show them their best offerings in the chosen price range. Customers should note that the minimum price range should be at least $3,000.

Let Haimov Jewelers know your desired design

On the online form, the customer will be prompted to upload a concept image for the design they have in mind. They are also encouraged to be as detailed as possible with their description for the custom piece. However, if they want to change some elements after submitting the form, rest assured that will be taken into consideration. There is a discussion with the team first before everything is finalized.

If the customer desires, they can also look at the gallery of custom orders on the website. They can even read more details there about the return policy of Haimov Jewelers. The list of manufacturing condition defects eligible for return is stated for everyone’s attention.

Send initial payment

Before the request is sent to the store, customers will first have to deposit $1000. If they decide later on after discussing with the store’s jewelry specialists that they want to cancel the custom order, the payment will be fully refunded. However, considering the skillfulness of Haimov Jewelers, customers will get what they exactly wanted and will be extremely satisfied with the purchase.


When it comes to personalized jewelry, Haimov Jewelers have long proven its expertise with its long list of customers, including celebrities. Clients who are thinking of requesting a custom order from the store can simply go to the official website, fill the form with the information requested, specify the design details, and make the initial deposit. The store has the firepower to simply handle everything else. Haimov Jewelers has a good following on Instagram and YouTube.

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