Isabella Bisol is Bringing “Heart” to the Hamptons

Ruggeri Presecco Ruggeri Presecco | August 23, 2021 | Food & Drink, People, Sponsored Post, Feature,

Isabella Bisol, a 5th-generation Italian winemaker, is debuting a new bubbly in the Hamptons that is equal parts passionate, authentic and delicious. Ruggeri Prosecco Heart isn’t your average prosecco. It’s created for people who live their passions, by people who live their passions.


“Ruggeri Prosecco Heart was made for you to follow your heart’s desire,” says Isabella, “to savor life — and celebrate your many little successes along the way.”

Isabella is the latest wine maestra from the renowned Prosecco manufacturer Ruggeri, hailing from a family that literally pioneered prosecco wine-making in Italy. The winery is nestled in the very heart of Treviso, in a UNESCO World Heritage site an hour north of Venice near the spectacular Dolomite mountains.


For the oenophiles among us, Ruggeri Prosecco Heart begins with the glera grape, grown throughout the bountiful terrain of Italy’s Treviso region from a network of over 100 local farmers. Selecting the best of these harvests gives the bubbly its elegance and signature balance—featuring hints of green apple, fresh pear, and citrus. The crisp effervescence finishes easily on the palette with a clean fruity finish. Ruggeri Prosecco Heart pairs beautifully with hors d’oeuvres, small courses and seafood, but according to Isabella, “it pairs best with the people you love.”


The taste of Ruggeri Prosecco Heart reflects the passion behind production. “Here, we do everything with heart, from how we work to what we grow and even how we celebrate,” shares Isabella, “and you can taste this in every bottle.”

Following in the tradition of previous generations, Isabella and her father, Paolo Bisol, are actively involved in managing Ruggeri’s impressive award winning portfolio. The Bisol family has cultivated vines for centuries among a small group of rural houses known as Case Bisoi, which can be found on the oldest maps of the historic hill known as ‘Cartizze’ Cru within the Heart of Prosecco. In fact, the heart graphic featured on the bottle is a recreation of a family symbol that dates back to the 1700s.


Many things have changed over the years, including Isabella becoming the first female winemaker in her family, but Ruggeri consistently continues to set the standard for the glera grape production. Following generations of collective passion and expertise, Isabella is excited to introduce her new take on prosecco to the Hamptons--Ruggeri Prosecco Heart.

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