Jesse Bongiovi on His Favorite Summer Rosé & Personal Style

By Sydney Sadick | July 18, 2019 | People

Hampton Water co-founder Jesse Bongiovi breaks down his personal style and why he's constantly thinking pink.


With the Hamptons rosé? drinking culture continuing to explode as the trending drink of choice, Jesse Bongiovi has put a twist on it with his very own line, Hampton Water. He launched it last year with his father, music legend Jon Bon Jovi, quickly growing it from a local brand to one that is recognized nationally.

When we sit down for this story, Bongiovi, who calls himself the “Pink Bottle Boy,” has just returned to the Hamptons from an intense tour of five cities in one week, all to promote his line.

“The summer after my junior year of college is when it all began. My dad and I were enjoying some rosé? on the back porch out East. It was getting late, and he offered me one last glass of ‘pink juice’ before calling it a night. I told him, ‘No one calls it “pink juice” anymore; you’re out in the Hamptons, it’s Hampton Water.’ He looked at me and said that would be a great name for a bottle. Right then and there Hampton Water was born. I’ve been working on it ever since,” Bongiovi says.

The 24-year-old, who is truly one of the sweetest guys you’ll meet, is making major waves, while doing so in style. Bongiovi likes to get wardrobe advice from his mom, Dorothea Hurley. She’s taught him to stay true to himself on the style front, keeping his laid-back aesthetic.

“I’m most comfortable wearing T-shirts, and I pretty much exclusively wear black jeans. I hate the idea of having to go to work wearing a suit, and thankfully this job doesn’t require that very often. I can get away with the occasional blazer [Rowing Blazers are his go-to, having collaborated with Hampton Water], but that’s as crazy
as I get.”

Bongiovi also borrows things from his dad. “I take things from his closet all the time. We both wear a lot of black! I personally like to envision the ’80s dad with the crazy hair,” he admits. He recently visited his New Jersey home where he grew up and found his father’s old concert and music festival merch. He’s excited to wear these vintage tees this summer in the Hamptons. (For the record, the winemaker has mentioned to me an upcoming collaboration with men’s brand Todd Snyder. Details are hush-hush for now.)

As for how he feels about pink? He’s always liked the color, but his business has made it a central focus. “I’m wearing pink socks right now! I wear so much pink these days! I’ve been told it’s very in right now and I’d like to think I had a leading force in that decision.”

Photography by: Photography by Dorian Gild