July by the Stars: Astrologer Madi Murphy Breaks Down Your Horoscopes

By Madi Murphy | July 1, 2019 | Lifestyle National

Our resident astrologer Madi Murphy breaks down your July horoscopes.



This can be a pleasant time of the year for you, as all is well in the Aries world. Time to enjoy the fruits of your labor, my little fire-starting ram. The New Moon vibes usher in abundance and ease. You are being rewarded for a few months of hard work so kudos! Kick back and soak it up. Mercury retrograde is actually going to clean up a lot of loose ends for you. At the end of the month, the Full Moon will bring a surge or inspiration and fresh energy. If you’re looking for something to do with this boost, it is an auspicious time to flex on some soul growth. Look into finding a charity to get involved in or work on your spiritual development with an intuitive workshop.


This is a month that is flowing with love and cash money for you, my bodacious bull! You will spend lots of time with family, relationships are harmonious and happy and you will likely get a big career breakthrough this month. The New Moon plus Mercury retrograde may bring in an unexpected challenge at work but by the Full Moon it’s not only resolved but you also may receive some recognition—or a well deserved promotion—at work. You’re riding a wave of energy, enthusiasm and creativity. Raise a glass to yourself!


Growth and discernment are key concepts for you this month. Dreams and aspirations, as well as your social life, are heating up. You have a lot of eyes on you which is tres fun and flattering—and you may be feeling called to step more into the public sphere. Ask yourself this New Moon: what do I want long-term and how do I get it? Create a vision. You’re good at that, my gregarious Gemini, but here’s the hook: learn to ditch the FOMO. Say yes to the right people and projects that are in alignment—and pass on everything else. I know saying no is hard but it’s important you stay away from overextending yourself this Mercury retrograde. Overall, be more strategic with your time and energy. Focus on the people that you value the most and watching your coming year light up with stronger bonds of friendship.


You are all heart eye emojis this month! The Universe is on your side: while the rest of the world is muddled around in confusion during Mercury Retrograde you are experiencing extreme mental clarity. You are in your flow. Get ready to expand in all, my cosmic crabbie. For the New Moon, focus on advertising, social media, networking, anything that grows your presence online. You have a huge potential to make big moves and know that anything related to communication will flourish now. If you’ve been wanting to write more or make that big pitch, do it. Words are on your side and it’s like each syllable is divinely blessed by the cosmos. This will be a BIG year for you. It will be one with lots of new beginnings, new relationships, and you will see how this year marks a major change for your life and this month activates the spark. The time is now for big things to go down so get talking!


The relationship fairy is flying besides you this month. Whether it’s someone new that you swiped right on or you are in a serious relationship, this is a great month to enjoy summer l-o-v-e. All partnerships are sprinkled with stardust around the New Moon so if you’re looking for a partner, keep your eyes and heart open. If you’ve been dating someone casually, this could be the time to D.T.R. (define the relationship) And if you’re in a committed relationship, this may be the month where you take your union to the next level. Your confidence is soaring and roaring, my luscious lion. Your heart will be lit on fire. However, Mercury Retrograde may bring some unexpected bills or invoices so spend wisely this month and stick to your budget. Remember the best things in life are free. Right?


This month is all about Y-O-U. Yes, you, my little maiden. You are in the spotlight. Use this time to evaluate who you are, what you want and where you are going. You can utilize the power of the New Moon anyway you want but set the intention to shine brighter than you ever have before. Then just go for it. For the rest of the month, the right people are paying attention to you. Put yourself out there. Get a fresh new haircut, buy yourself a sexy new bathing suit or treat yourself to a weekend getaway. Use Mercury Retrograde to pick up that project that’s been on the backburner. It’s time to start becoming the person you were meant to be. Be ready—here you come!


This month may rock your sense of what home means to you. Maybe you’re ready to embark on a big adventure where you’re trading security for the unknown. Or maybe something from your childhood is making you uber nostalgic or sentimental. You may also realize you are letting something from your past color your current experiences in a way that may not be serving you anymore. An evaluation and awareness of your patterns around home and self is the key to big soul growth this New Moon. This Mercury Retrograde may wash up unresolved feelings to the surface that have been blocking you from getting the love you need. Be brave, my lovely Libra, and let yourself be cleansed this month of the old to make space for the new. Towards the end of the month, balance is restored and you feel new levels of confidence, clarity and charisma. You are feeling yourself. New dreams are coming into vision and new people are coming into your life—as long as you let them.


Recharge those batteries, my sensual scorpion! You have been going at breakneck speeds for the past six months and this New Moon brings an invitation—nay a demand— from the universe to slow down and focus on some serious self care. In terms of your inner world, there’s an emotional calm and harmony right now. Take a little time to focus on what makes you truly happy and look at the areas you can give yourself more self-respect and self-love. In terms of your outer world, watch out for being irritable, angry or defensive with others as Mercury Retrograde can bring feelings of frustration or aggression. Play sports, exercise or find a way to release tension in a constructive way and get as much rest as possible to stay calm.


The new moon brings in unexpected good news and pleasant conversation for you, my auspicious archer. Fresh ideas energize you to get things moving. This is a great time to ask for favors, negotiate or promote your ideas. Mercury Retrograde may make you reminisce about the past or may cause surprise visits from friends, exes and old coworkers you haven’t seen in ages but, no worries, there’s no drama here. Enjoy the fires of your inner passion this month—they burn in a well-balanced way. Your clarity, directness and initiative will get you noticed by superiors. Plan something sexy for the Full Moon as your charisma and magnetism is at an all time high. Go on and get yours, you smoke show!


Work, work, work. This month is all about different matters related to career and money. The New Moon brings pressure from your competitors or superiors. Avoid drama and the shade parade by stepping back from the situation and analyzing why you are getting such pushback. Evaluate if this is indeed the best course of action for you. Mercury Retrograde may keep business negotiations in a state of flux and watch out for unreliable or dishonest actions from people in these dealings. You also have a solar eclipse that directly affects you. It may test you but it is ultimately optimistic. It brings good health, money and recognition your way. Huge things are happening for you but you have to be patient and trust the process. You have some excitement coming to your social life in time for the Full Moon- this is the best time of year for you to meet new people! Be realistic with your expectations of others though—too much pressure on a new friend, loved one or romantic partner may lead to resentment.


You’re doing amazing, sweetie. Life may have felt like it had an increased tempo the past few months and you’re just trying to catch up with all the activity, logistics and errands. Mercury Retrograde turns your attention inward and asks you to take a slower pace with your communications. You may feel like no one gets you lately or that people are standing in your way—and you’re not all wrong, my wise water bearer. But this New Moon asks you to choose your battles carefully and look for compromise where you can. Also, don’t make any big, long-lasting choices this whole month. You are on a journey to find the mystical in the mundane—how can you continue to develop your own unique self-expression while “doing life”? Awareness of this energy and your character can lead to inventive and creative breakthroughs this month.


Adventure calls to you this New Moon. You are dreaming in all of the colors of the rainbow and you are reinvigorated by life. Take every chance to try something new. You are in extreme harmony in your relationships. You feel efficient and productive this month and your positive attitude is contagious! The eclipse amplifies the good effect of this and it will bring good health, fun time with loved ones and big moves in your career. Take a vacation or plan a big trip. You feel a new wave of confidence in who you are and what you’re here to do—trust it. Mercury Retrograde may play havoc with your thoughts, travels and electronics or you may run into characters from your past but know that everything is temporary: focus on what’s good and the bigger picture. You are really expressing your true self and you are super in tune with your gifts. This is a very liberating and pleasant time!

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