March by the Stars: Astrologer Kim Allen Breaks Down Your Horoscopes

By Kim Allen | March 11, 2019 | Lifestyle National

Our resident astrologer Kim Allen weighs in on what the stars have in store for us this March.



Slow down and analyze potential moves this Mercury retrograde. Take a break from pushing too hard to see if things can happen in an easier way. Watch your finances! The "revolutionary" planet Uranus can shake up your cash flow without notice. Get money matters organized. Pay attention to risky investments.


Social elevation happens during the Mercury retrograde. You get a chance to interact in a different social setting, if you have the desire to. Stop surrounding yourself with people you've outgrown. Now that Uranus is in your sign, you're free to let go of past attachments and form new associations.


Stay away from sensitive conversations on the job this Mercury retrograde. Don't let annoyances cause you to say something you'll be sorry for later. Extreme irritation might be a sign that you're in the wrong place. Lightning fast ideas arrive due to planet Uranus. Spend private time plotting your next step.


Your dreams are filled with enormous psychic information this Mercury retrograde. You get both day time and night time impressions to maneuver through issues. The desire to travel is stimulated by the freedom-loving Uranus. Something you've longed for awaits you some place else. Go travel and find it.


Avoid learning hard lessons this Mercury retrograde. The lack of concern regarding spending pushes a few stress buttons. Immaturity in finances is not attractive, so pull yourself together! If it's more money you need, "revolutionary" planet Uranus brings swift changes in your career. Know what you want!


Time to shed an old image. People have you wrong; you're not always so consumed with working your fingers to the bone, you like to have fun too. The Mercury retrograde provides a good opportunity to fall back and try something new. The planet Uranus inspires meeting different people for the big fun of it!


Ignore strange comments by your coworkers this Mercury retrograde. Don't react to inappropriate things said. Avoid overreacting and getting all bent out of shape. You'll soon be the topic of discussion by the same culprit. "Liberation" planet Uranus urges to you look for better work conditions real soon!


Surprising things happen in love! The Mercury retrograde causes you to rethink romance. People from the past are very curious of your current love status. The planet Uranus adds a desire for liberation in stagnant relationships. Moving backwards, forward, or staying where you are in love is your choice.


Handle family concerns with care this Mercury retrograde. An ongoing situation reappears and having compassion with the person involved makes a big difference. Turn your attention on increasing your cash flow. Seek more work hours or extra employment. Better resources result in a stronger security.


If a thought comes to you… it means something! Powerful blasts of intuitive information cause you to choose your actions carefully. Spend more time pursuing exciting romantic situations. Uranus stimulates more affection. Listen to the intuition of your heart.


Hold on to your money this Mercury retrograde. Regardless of how good the sales look, pass them by. Your finances can take a beating if you're not mindful. Give more attention into providing home comforts—that includes physical and energetic changes. Bad vibes have to go!


Going solo might be the best option this Mercury retrograde. Blocking out the advice and comments of others clears the way for more intuitive thinking. Find your own path forward. The planet Uranus wants to adjust and upgrade the quality of your associates. Get more interesting friends.

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