Weekly Routine: Try Kylie Jenner's Daily, Dewy Skincare Routine

Shreya Chari | May 5, 2021 | Lifestyle Style & Beauty

kylie jenner skincare routine

Billionaire Kylie Jenner launched her own skincare line in May of 2019, and to celebrate the venture, she shared her personal skincare routine on her YouTube Channel.

Jenner is absolutely fabulous, of course, in an all-pink bathroom to match her rosy, ostrich-feather robe. The entrepreurial empress begins by removing her makeup with her Kylie Skin face wash. She swears that "you only really need one pump" to clean you face. She's also quite proud of the fact that it won't leave your skin feeling stripped and dry.

After the cleanse comes a walnut scrub to exfoliate. While she doesn't recommend exfoliating daily, she does go for it two to three times per week. Once her skin is clear and cleansed, she removes any excess makeup with a non-alcoholic toner, which she says “ensures [her] face is clean as possible.”

Jenner massages both her Vitamin C serum and moisturizer into her skin gently to look “lathered” and “delicious.” She finishes off the routine with her eye cream, what she calls “the best recipe for your eyes." Her friend Hailey Bieber agrees—eye cream always goes on last!

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If you’re interested in Jenner’s skincare line, we've listen all the products she uses below. You can peruse the rest of her Kylie Skin catalog, offering everything from body lotions and loofahs to lipgloss and more, via the official website.

Foaming Face Wash

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Walnut Face Scrub

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Vanilla Milk Toner

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Vitamin C Serum

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Face Moisturizer

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Eye Cream

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Photography by: YouTube video