Macrae Skye Launches Sustainable Children's Clothing

Spoorthi Satheesh | September 4, 2020 | Style

06ImageofKim.jpgFounder Kim Slicklein

There’s no denying sustainability is in vogue. Adding to a growing list of endeavors with conscience, Macrae Skye is a soon-to-launch sustainable children’s clothing line that empowers parents to choose ethically made clothing with a reduced waste model and a giveback component. Hamptons-based founder Kim Slicklein draws inspiration from global trends and believes our improved future starts with well- dressed children whose wardrobes have a footprint as light as a feather.


Macrae Skye champions ethically made, sustainable children’s clothing and encourages consumers to be conscious with their spending

The clothing line reflects bright, colorful and inclusive energy unique to children raised in an interconnected world. Initially intended to launch
on Mother’s Day, the brand has tweaked its plans to accommodate the sensitivities of the pandemic.

That derailment hasn’t stymied Slicklein’s passion for kids’ clothing, which is now coupled with research about the waste and pollution created by the fashion industry. “Designed to remove clothing waste where it already exists, Macrae Skye has developed a new method for encouraging worn and used clothing to have a second and third life with the launch of the Tomorrow Skye initiative,” Slicklein explains, “and as an end benefit, the consumer is rewarded with credit for future purchases with Macrae Skye. Someone in need is clothed, and the items avoid a landfill.”

The gently used clothing is sorted in a facility and allocated to not-for- profit organizations such as Win, The Retreat, The Safe Center and Brighter Tomorrows. In turn, Macrae Skye extends spending credit toward its new merchandise. This clever exchange mechanism may well set the stage for a major shift in the retail and fashion paradigm, one that encourages consumers (no matter their age) to be thoughtful with their purchasing power—without losing that sartorial swagger.

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Photography by: Illustration by Ellen Cafaro; Portrait by Larry Lettera/Camera One