Melissa Wood-Tepperberg's Happy, Healthy Summer

By Christina Najjar | June 5, 2019 | Lifestyle National

Melissa Wood-Tepperberg is the shot of happy optimism you’ve always needed in your life. If you’re not familiar with the gorgeous wellness and happiness guru who is a certified yoga and pilates teacher and health coach, you’re seriously missing out. Wood-Tepperberg is as informed as she is kind: while so many wellness professionals can be holier-than-thou, Wood-Tepperberg is non-judgemental and kind. Her sunny demeanor and incredible workouts have helped build her cult following and with good reason.


As a working mother of two adorable children herself, Wood-Tepperberg understands that modern life is busy and people need flexibility, which is why she offers a range of workouts. From a 10 minute relaxing meditation to a longer, killer (in a good way!) arm sculpting routine, there is something for every mood and the workouts can be done anywhere. She’s also always dispelling amazing plant-based food tips on her Instagram, spreading the gospel of her famous spirulina smoothie. Most of all, Wood-Tepperberg is all about family first and doing things that make you feel good. This summer she’ll be splitting time between the city and the Hamptons. We chatted to the #longleanlines goddess about her happy, healthy summer.


Your Instagram is such a ray of sunshine! How do you inspire yourself and those around you every day to be well?
MELISSA WOOD-TEPPERBERG: I believe it all starts in the home. The energy that I give off towards myself is reflective on how I show up for my family. It all comes back to the commitment I have in honoring my daily practice of meditation. When you meditate, you naturally radiate from within. Which bleeds into every aspect of your life.

Summer is finally here! It's a time of fun and indulgence. How do you stay on track in the summer months?
MWT: In our society, there's so much pressure around "getting summer body ready," I believe that way of thinking adds so much stress and pressure on yourself to look a certain way. Continually committing to daily habits like meditation, movement and mindful eating, help you feel good regardless of the time of year. So if I want to indulge in something, I do and I enjoy it. Guilt-free, because I know that waking up the next day and getting my meditation in and my daily movement is what allows me to not only maintain a healthy mind and body but a healthy approach to it all.

What's your best wellness tip for everyone this summer?
MWT: Finding and connecting to all things that make you feel great. Most importantly doing a workout that you actually love so it feels like you're honoring your body, not torturing it. It's amazing how rolling out your mat for just 10 minutes a day and getting some movement in changes the way you mentally and physically show up in life. I created the MWH method: a series of low impact workouts to sculpt long, lean lines throughout your body, to show that slow-controlled movements can be gentle on your body, yet crazy effective.

What's in your beach bag?
MWT: Naturopathica SPF, a HUGE hat and HUGE sunglasses. Snacks always, water, diapers, wipes, pacifiers, SPF lip balm, balance essential oils, my selenite crystal and ear pods to listen to a guided meditation? Oh, wait… is this for a beach bag or if I’m stranded on an island? Haha!

What's your favorite thing about living and raising your family in NYC and the Hamptons?
MWT: I live for the energy in NYC. I feel so lucky to raise my babies in such a diverse city that offers so much. After 15 years of living here, I still walk around and can not believe I get to call this beautiful city my home. As much as I love the city, it’s crucial to get out every now and then. The drive to our house brings me back to my upstate roots and the simplicity of watching my son run around in the grass makes me so happy. Every summer I go to the beach by myself and meditate listening to the waves crash and breathe in everything I want to bring into my life. There’s nothing more grounding than connecting to nature so having a taste or the city life and the outdoors is something I will never take for granted.

What are your favorite spots in the Hamptons for food?
MWT: I love to cook out east so you’ll find me hopping around at all the farm stands. Otherwise, some of my favorites are Provisions for a quick bite, LT burger has a great vegan burger, Duryea’s for lunch. Sen is my favorite sushi spot, Il Mulino for a great dinner, Surf Lodge for dinner and dancing and Crows nest for dinner!

Photography by: Photography Courtesy of Melissa Wood-Tepperberg