August by the Stars: Astrologer Kim Allen Breaks Down Your Horoscopes

By Hamptons Staff | August 6, 2018 | Lifestyle National

We turned to our resident astrologer Kim Allen for insight into what the month of August has in store for us.


Finding inner peace is a major quest. Revelations in your love life keep you up late as you choose a right course of action. Have a close eye on what's going on with your career options. The Mars retrograde can uncover unexpected challenges at work. Waste no time in disconnecting from people who annoy you.


Make a decision to separate yourself from irritations. Some people have no problem asking you for more of your energy or money. Transform your home in a place of solitude and rest. An honest conversation will be needed for clarity with certain folks who don't get it. Focus on the next big life move… alone.


Avoid drowning in troubling money matters. Planet Mars stimulates a need for financial organization. Stay away from revealing your plans for monetary soundness. Not everyone has your best interest in mind. Focus on job improvements if you're not happy. Formulate a plan for something better at work.


Take a more aggressive approach in love. Stop settling for unhappy romantic unions.You deserve better and not being treated tenderly causes you to cross people off your list of associations. Schedule time to be alone to think matters through. Thanks to the full Moon you won't be by yourself for long.


Focus on curtailing stressful outside forces. Dealing with persistent annoying situations can affect your health if you're not careful. Get rid of toxic people. Unmanageable stress levels on the job is a sign to look for a new job. Use this as a reason to calm your nerves and activate better financial income.


Loneliness is not a good reason to dig up the past. You can be tempted to reconnect with old friends or lovers. The new Moon warns that old situations may bring regrets. Be creative in your search for new social interactions. If you're curious about someone, be bold to make it known. Manifest a positive outcome.


Activities around the new Moon become more meaningful. You have a chance to straighten up issues with loved ones. Honest conversations clear up troublesome topics that produce stress. Conversations with coworkers might not be so promising. Deceptive information creates matters to watch out for at work.


Balancing your private and professional life brings more joy. Mars activates the brain cells and heightens your ability to problem solve more efficiently at work. Love is also on the rise. The full Moon inspires plenty of romantic moments between you and your lover. You can have it all this month.


The saying, "waste not, want not" has a lot of truth for you this new Moon. You're urged to appreciate the effort it takes to get things done with your resources. Eliminate draining relationships, overspending, and unfruitful activities. Planet Mars boldly helps you manifest a new attitude and agenda.


A sense of disorientation makes decision making more difficult. Mars wants you to consider carefully any new steps you're planning to take. Listening to your instincts will keep you in the right space. Just make sure you're in your right mind when spending money. It's best to be conservative with everything.


You'll speak your truth. The new Moon causes more direct interactions with others as you say what's on your mind. People might not understand the change in your behavior as you refuse to be treated "just any kind of way" and you let them know. Expect a change in a relationship. Someone gets the point.


Things heat up in love this new Moon. A current love gets more passionate and a past love tries once again to gain your attention. Enjoy the affection and don't let difficult people take your "glow." Once you're on the job people can act badly. Spend lots of time with admirers to combat the ugliness.

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