Paddle Diva & Exhale Launch an Exclusive Collaboration for Water Lovers

By Evan Silvera | July 26, 2018 | Lifestyle

Summer in the Hamptons calls for a time-honored visit to the water. Multitalented fitness pros from Paddle Diva and Exhale help you work out while you're at it.

paddle-diva.jpgThe Paddle Diva team on Atlantic Beach in Amagansett, ready to hit the water for an uplifting workout

Hamptonites looking for a unique full-body exercise experience should get ready for some fun in the sun: Paddle Diva and Exhale studio have launched a stand-up paddleboarding and barre class collaboration. And this workout is not exclusive to fitness buffs or the athletically gifted: “If you can walk, you can paddleboard,” vows Gina Bradley, founder and CEO of Paddle Diva. “Instead of using your legs, you’re actually using your arms to propel your body; the only prerequisite is a willingness to learn.”

From Paddle Diva’s headquarters in East Hampton on the Shagwong Marina, the 90-minute excursion begins with a brief paddleboarding lesson by certified instructors who will anchor the boards in a calm, secluded bay. Exhale teacher Elisabeth Halfpapp then guides a barre class designed to strengthen the core and upper body muscles. This fusion workout results in stronger balance on and off the board, says Halfpapp. “Being on the water and in nature, you develop a very calm, relaxed energy. Having this inner balance and control empowers you mentally and physically,” she explains.

To reap these benefits, in addition to an essential dose of vitamin D, sign up for the Aug. 23 class, the last remaining this summer. Bradley and Halfpapp reward all participants with a surprise from an apparel vendor and a refreshing treat. “We always make sure you leave with a swag bag, a good appetite and a feeling of absolute accomplishment,” says Bradley, “because you’ve worked out hard.” Class $150,