Park Avenue Skin Solutions Reopens In The Hamptons

Phebe Wahl | August 5, 2020 | Style & Beauty National

Park Avenue Skin Solutions Founder Lauren Abramowitz checks in on babies, botox and fighting zoom fatigue.


Park Avenue Skin Solutions Founder Lauren Abramowitz.

How have life and work shifted for you post-pandemic?

I have been taking on work and life at a much slower pace, which has been a blessing in disguise as I am 8 months pregnant. I am working and living in a more mindful, conscious space, which has helped me to connect to people on a deeper level. I have learned that you need less than you think you need to live, and that all the stuff is temporary and infinitesimal to the grand scheme of the universe.

HamptonsOffice.jpgThe practice's Hamptons location

What made you decide to open again in the Hamptons?

It was driven by demand but balanced by the aggressive screening measures we’ve put in place to assure our patients receive the same level of care and safety they’ve come to expect from us throughout the years in Manhattan. It was always a manifestation of our brand and practice to evolve to a Hamptons presence, which was fueled by the pandemic migration we’ve seen out East. This pushed us to pivot and evolve into this new world. Now more than ever, our patients want access to the in-office anti-aging treatments that they have become accustomed to, so I decided why not bring it to them! My family is a perfect case in point of how the Hamptons is now serving as the primary residence for many, so I tapped into a changing world and pivoted our practice eastbound. We’ve created a “beach vibes” sanctuary that is on brand and continues to deliver the same service as our Manhattan urban oasis and sanctuary our patients have come to expect.

What services will you be offering this summer?

During the summer months, our aesthetics practice is in high demand for injectables, which include neurotoxin injections (Botox, Dysport, Xeomin, Jeuveau), dermal fillers and vitamin shots. Various custom-made intravenous infusions can be performed at our space or at your private residence through our sister practice Tribeca Wellness Collective. Our wellness practice has really seen a lot of momentum post-pandemic.

Do you think Zoom fatigue and other COVID phenomena are affecting patient requests?

Yes, for sure! One of my patients mentioned to me that when she was on a Zoom call the other day that she looked like a Picasso painting when she saw herself on screen. Filters don’t translate into real-life results, and it is my responsibility to guide my patients in a way that is natural and realistic at the same time. My aesthetic has always been a less-is-more approach. This pandemic has devastated so many people on so many levels. My gentle and honest approach to facial aesthetics has been refreshing and part of the self-healing that my patients need and come to trust along their skin journey.

While people are unable to get in for visits as often, are there any treatments or tips you are offering to extend the results?

My one piece of advice would be to stay out of the sun and always wear a physical sunblock that contains pure zinc and titanium oxide.

Do you have the answer to the million-dollar question: How do we make our Botox last longer?

Self-acceptance, smile more! We are all perfectly imperfect!

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