Presented by Hampton Design: These Essential Design Tips Will Help You Create a Space for Anyone

By Gary Duff | August 1, 2017 | Lifestyle

Master these design tips from Hampton Design owner Peggy Fruin and you'll be able to create a space for any personality type.

The Girl on the Go


“The girl on the go wants to be able to see all the clothes she has in her closet. She wants everything at her fingertips. So, a closet with lots of hooks is essential. I'm also going to give her lots of little cubbies that she can put things into. A functional space for the girl on the go has to have large mirrors for dressing and putting on makeup in front too. We’ll have some kind of bench or banquette nearby that she can put her clothes on, and a space for her to toss an outfit and move on to the next thing in her day quickly.”



"I tend to ask newlyweds about what they want their homes to feel like, what they would look for if they were spending the weekend in their dream home? Most of the time it's comfort. Then I ask who does the cooking in the house? Who does the cleaning? What I try and do is learn everything there is about the people that are going to live in the house."

Families With Kids


"For families with kids, the first question is always what to do with all the children's stuff. Where do the hats and gloves go? Where do the boots, or flip-flops go? How do we keep each space clean while the kids are cruising around the house and eating in the kitchen? Lots of organizing space solves this problem."



"Search for simplicity when designing for snowbirds and build a room around nostalgic touches. Maybe they have a few photos of their children or another memory item that can sit on a mantel or counter. And don't forget that snowbirds tend to go out more and entertain because they have more time. Gathering places in the house are very important."

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