Haute Stuff: LERET LERET Is The Hottest Cashmere Brand Out East

Anetta Nowosielska | November 12, 2020 |

The weather is turning, which means its officially Cashmere season! We asked Edouard and Andrea Leret, Leret Leret's designers, what he has in store for this upcoming season.


LERET LERET’s sustainable business model is led by artistic expression.

You are about to see a lot more of sustainable Mongolia-manufactured cashmere brand LERET LERET (leret-leret.com) out East. Luxurious with a sense of humor, the line is selling like hot cakes at Lazypoint in Amagansett and at AERIN’s two Hamptons outposts. The brand’s designer, Edouard Leret, fills us in on the deets.

What’s compelling about your brand?

All our designs are original and come from a personal place, and the fit is designed for everybody; it’s genderless. And we constantly collaborate with different artists in all disciplines. We produce a very limited amount of each design, which we release in small editions. Our goal is to maintain a sustainable business model led by artistic expression.

Why is cashmere essential this fall?

It’s no surprise everybody wants to be comfortable in these times. Cashmere is definitely on the comfort spectrum, and our designs meet ease with style.

Who is your client?

Someone who understands and appreciates the process and the work put into making a cashmere sweater. And perhaps someone who admires the artistic drive we pride ourselves on.

What are some of your favorite pieces from your current collection?

We have a different favorite every day. Right now, we’re wearing No. 22 a lot.

Photography by: Photo Courtesy of Leret Leret