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Why not live in paradise and work from the pristine beaches? The year of 2020 has brought many challenges but it has also opened up a conversation on work culture. Many companies are now much more flexible with work hours, schedules, and location. Location, location, location! Who doesn’t crave a change in scenery and an opportunity to work from wherever you desire to go? Work and play in Hawaii with warm blue-green oceans, lush valleys, all of the city amenities desired, and 80-degree winters. It was once just a dream or a goal when you finally took your cherished vacation days to escape the march of monotony. Now moving to Hawaii and working with white sand between your toes can be a reality.


Hawaii is a place where you can re-center your mind and body. Where you can start to reinvent your work-life balance and reprioritize your mental and physical well-being. It is a norm for Hawaii’s locals to get outside every day and enjoy the natural surroundings. Hawaii is home to the Aloha spirit, the secret ingredient that makes Hawaii feel more like home than anywhere else. Hawaii’s locals live by the Aloha spirit, caring for one another and the nature that surrounds them. It’s not just the sun that makes this place so warm, it’s also the people. There are shakas and greetings of Aloha aplenty on the islands; it’s hard not to smile while you’re here! These days we all collectively struggle with our screen time whether it’s for work or pleasure. Studies in recent years have revealed how the excessive screen time has impacted the public’s mental and emotional health. Oahu’s magnificent landscape allows for almost every outdoor activity desired, from hiking, surfing, snorkeling, and more, with world-class shopping and exceptional dining options for all. A relaxed pace gives you the opportunity to unplug and reconnect with yourself. It is a stark contrast from dense cities with honking cars and concrete jungles, yet offers easy accessibility to all of the city amenities you may need. Make yourself a priority again while working remotely on Oahu, Hawaii.


We at List Sotheby’s International Realty want to help you make the transition from your old life to your new one. It can be daunting to uproot yourself, but we take the stress out of the unknown by helping you each and every step of the way. Our List Sotheby’s International Realty real estate experts offer extensive knowledge of local real estate, lifestyle, and communities on Oahu and we take pride in matching our extraordinary buyers with extraordinary properties. Visit our website to view listings virtually from the comfort of your home! Contact us at [email protected] or 808.735.2411.

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