The Ultimate Rosé-Inspired Beach Accessories, Presented by The Palm by Whispering Angel

By Christina Najjar | July 26, 2018 | Lifestyle National

We’re all obsessed with rosé this time of year (#aspengatorade), but it doesn’t have to stop at your wine glass. No matter which hotspot you’re planning on enjoying during the summer, be sure to arm yourself with the very best rosé-inspired accessories. From lounging to moisturizing, isn't everything better through rosé-colored glasses?

OUAI Rose Hair and Body Oil


This triple threat hair and body oil by cult favorite the OUAI will keep everything moisturized and doubles as a perfume as well. The intoxicating signature scents of rose, bergamot, lychee and white musk are an added bonus to the incredible moisturizing properties of this oil. Spray it on your hair or skin after a long day at the beach to make sure you’re fully moisturized for the long summer night ahead.

Cult Gaia Acrylic Ark Bag in Pink


The it-bag only gets better in rosé pink! Throw your sunscreen, phone, and a bottle of The Palm by Whispering Angel in Cult Gaia’s uber Instagrammable Ark bag. It’s perfect for the beach because sand will slide right through it. That being said, this bag does give you an incentive to keep everything organized... since everyone will see what you’re toting around!

Hill House Home Mini Pillow


The perfect accessory for when it all just gets to be too much… Hill House Home’s cult customizable mini pillow is perfect for resting your head while you catch some rays, or if you need a nap after one too many chilled glasses of pink. You can monogram it to say whatever your heart desires, and naturally, our heart desires rosé all day.

Packed Party Yay For Rose Hydration Pouch


Make your rosé easier to transport in this adorable pouch. A perfect gift for weekend guests or group trips to the beach, this lightweight pouch is a lot lighter than a heavy bottle and is easy to throw in a cooler or tote bag at the drop of a hat. Pour in a bottle of The Palm by Whispering Angel and you'll be ready to go.

St. Frank Frazada Blanket


These hand-woven blankets from Bolivia are perfect for taking to the beach! Lay out your picnic or lounge under an umbrella and read a summer novel on these stunning large blankets that come in every shade of rosé! They’re all one-of-a-kind and are super durable, so they’ll survive anything you and your crew do—even after a rosé-fuelled picnic in the sun.

The Palm by Whispering Angel


Of course, the ultimate summer accessory is undoubtedly a bottle of The Palm by Whispering Angel. Aromatic and fresh, subtle and fruity, The Palm is a crowd pleaser that will make you extremely popular no matter what gathering you arrive at. Grab a cooler (no corkscrew needed as it has a Stelvin closure) and a couple of the gorgeous pink bottles and enjoy the mastery of this refreshing summer wine.

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