Safe Haven

By: Ella Chakarian | June 8, 2021 |

German luxury safe and watch winder company Buben & Zorweg offers sublimely sophisticated storage for your timepieces as with its new Bugatti Collaboration.

Multifunctional Objects:

Bold in design, progressive and timelessly elegant – the multifunctional centerpieces fascinate with their unique radiance and their perfect performance in every detail.


Fascinating, the unexpected variety of functions, which behind the crystal-clear design of this masterpiece are only open to those who are authorized to access it: always a magical moment when a mirror becomes a robust glass door that opens in a mysterious way. The symbiosis of state-of-the-art technology and design makes the VISION a powerful, luxurious accent for any ambience. The connection between spy mirror glass and unexpected visual effects makes the VISION INBUILT - the eye-catcher of every interior. The secret of VISION - viewing and access are exclusively in the hands of the owner and become a fascinating experience every time anew. A finely crafted safe and a precious watch collection on value-preserving TIME MOVER® modules - this is only one of many possibilities to individually design the inner workings of the VISION.

Luxury Safes

A safe as an art object: With their exclusive design, hardly anyone would identify the luxury safes from BUBEN&ZORWEG as a safe. Choose from the finest materials and features or have your unique luxury safe made.

Each BUBEN&ZORWEG safe is submitted to intensive stress tests to determine the resist­ance to all sorts of external impacts to pro­tect the safes and their contents and meet by these strict examination procedures all necessary requirements for VdS certification (the highest mark of quality available). There­fore it is imperative that all safes made by BUBEN&ZORWEG are of course VdS certified.

The star among the BUBEN&ZORWEG safe collection is for sure the ORION. And this not only visually but also haptically. The Ori­on collection is made of finest Italian Nappa leather and combines a high degree of ho­listic craftsmanship and endless individualization possibilities for safes that, up to then, were considered impossible.


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