Sag Harbor Florist, Anastasia Casale

By Briar Davis | June 14, 2019 | Home

Casale’s favorite dinner party table decor is one that creates a relaxed mix of color and texture. “I like to create a tablescape with multiple small arrangements of monochromatic seasonal blooms in glass bottles or small-footed vessels. They are easy to move about the table if serving any family-style courses,” she says. For a pop of color, Casale adds variations of green using delicate maidenhair ferns between the flowers and candles. She adds, “There can never be enough candles. I always use three levels of light—small votives that light up the tabletop, a medium, possibly floating candle in a glass footed vase to light up the flowers and a tall taper candle in a low glass holder.” According to Casale, glass is easy to blend and can mix with just about any tabletop. She tops off the look with a napkin treatment, a small spring of rosemary and fresh lavender. 3 Bay St., Sag Harbor,


Who would be your dream client and why?
The dream client would be one who has complete faith and trust in my aesthetics and allows me unimpeded freedom in my personal artistic expression.


Why do you think florals are important for an occasion? They are Mother Nature’s exquisite gifts of beauty. They radiate all that is love. What occasion wouldn’t benefit from their presence?


How do you go about choosing florals for an occasion? It’s like detective work. Asking the right questions and listening really well to the client. Then creating a composition based on personal style, economics and availability.


Photography by: Photography by Doug Young