Saint-Louis Launches the Manhattan Collection

By Sarah Bray | February 13, 2019 | Lifestyle National

Most cocktail connoisseurs say a Manhattan is best stirred, but Saint-Louis is shaking it up.

saint-louis.jpgFrom left: Manhattan highball with Puiforcat spoon, shot, rock and coupe, all at

Even though Saint-Louis has blown glassware since 1586, the French crystal house is always sharpening its cuts. For its latest designs, the Manhattan collection ($150-$2,350), it tapped the Experimental Cocktail Club to consult. The firm behind some of the buzziest experiential hotels with conjoining craft cocktail bars (think Paris’ Hotel des Grands Boulevards, London’s Henrietta Hotel and the Experimental Chalet in Verbier, Switzerland) advised on the technical constraints professional bartenders face—things at-home mixologists might not consider but that can make all the difference when precisely crafting a cocktail, like expertly engineered glass sizes for a balanced grip and weight. Believing that a libation is first drunk through the eyes, Experimental Cocktail Club turned to New York City’s skyline for crystal-etching inspiration for the collection—hence the modern bevel cut that reflects the city’s grid and sharp skyscrapers.