Artist Shepard Fairey on his Collaboration with Hublot

By Sydney Sadick | July 17, 2018 | Watches & Jewelry

Street artist Shepard Fairey dishes on his first-ever timepiece collaboration with Hublot.


What about this collaboration appealed to you?
SHEPARD FAIREY: I’m a big fan of a handsome watch design and like the challenge of working on this limited canvas. Making something unique but functional is fun for me. It’s like a painting on your wrist!

Details on the watch, please!
SF: My star-gear symbol is in the actual mechanism of the watch, and I got to embed my graphics into the case with a floral pattern extending throughout the straps.

What message does the watch send?
SF: This watch asks the viewer to look at the subtle details, not just the big picture presented to you.

What does time mean to you?
SF: You have to seize time. I never want to look back and say, ‘Wow, I squandered my most precious resource.’

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