Speaking Volumes: Lisa Leshne's Top Book Picks

Rachel Feinblatt | November 19, 2020 | People

Looking for new page-turners to cuddle up with this winter? We asked Hamptons literary agent Lisa Leshne of The Leshne Agency about the books currently on her nightstand.


1. The New Chardonnay: The Unlikely Story of How Maijuana Went Mainstream (Crown Currency) by Heather Cabot

“I call this the Moneyball of marijuana because it’s an unbelievable story of pot’s astonishing rebranding. It reads like a novel with juicy characters and exclusive interviews to show how cannabis inspired new uses for health, beauty and wellness, sparked culinary trends, generated millions in tax revenue, and is now at the center of a booming and upstanding industry.”


2. The Spider: Inside the Criminal Web of Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell (Crown) by Barry Levine

“This deeply reported book reveals new details in the most comprehensive account yet of the disgraced financier’s life, death and criminal web, including the role of Ghislaine Maxwell. It looks at how Epstein amassed the fortune that allowed him to pursue a privileged, jet-setting life, to socialize with so many powerful people and to prey on powerless young women.”


3. I Hope This Helps: Comics and Cures For 21st Century Panic (Andrew McMeel) by Tommy Siegel

“This debut collection from a touring rock musician is the perfect antidote to the pandemic, and every time I pick it up it makes me laugh.
It’s filled with comics and essays that point to the absurdities of our socially distanced, phone- and social media- obsessed modern life from one of the sharpest wits in web comics.”

Photography by: Photos Courtesy of the Leshne Agency