The Greatest Minds in One Place

by Tommy Herd | October 18, 2019 |


Being able to buy a conversation with someone important. An intriguing concept, one that social media company WeGather has been exploring for some time and has been the root of their success. Taking their best idea and running with it, WeGather will be relaunching next week as gatherX.

Already boasting the names of Sean Kingston, Steven Pinker, and James Harden, it is clear what the new gatherX is after: being able to connect ordinary individuals with the greatest minds in one place. Former WeGather used to offer a wide array of other services as well, but as of next week the platform will be trimming the fat and focusing instead on what customers want most.

In the words of CEO David Price, “we will be dramatically simplifying the platform to have only what users truly care about – being able to buy exclusive chats with notable individuals, celebrities, experts and enthusiasts that you cannot get real access to elsewhere.”

Promises of a new look, a new user interface, and new great minds are a plenty. Make sure to visit for a glimpse of what is to come.


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