The Perfect Anytime Drink from Lillet

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Gatherings might be distanced this year, but there is always something to celebrate, and this year we’re celebrating with the perfect anytime drink: The Lillet Spritz.

Consisting of 3 parts Lillet to 3 parts tonic, the drink is typically garnished with mint, strawberries, and cucumber, but you can make the Spritz your own using any garnish you may have on hand. It's the perfect base for the fruits and herbs in your fridge or your garden-- or both.

The perfect Lillet drink

Rooted in history, Lillet is a traditional French aperitif that satisfies fans with its blend of rigorously selected wines combined with liqueurs. These liqueurs are obtained by macerating certain superior fruits in alcohol for large periods of time. Lillet is traditionally matured in oak vats for several months.

The nuanced tastes provide for the perfect base for your Spritz. We turned to entertaining pros Libbie Summers, Soledad Lowe and our own James Aguiar for the perfect spritz recipe and the celebratory soirée tips.

Libbie Summers Spritz

Keep it Whimsy

Libbie Summers, award-winning author and content creator, had a very special, yet unexpected, twist on her Spritz-- peach, basil and sprinkles.

“I wanted to make it fun,” Summers said. “It adds a nice sweetness. Close your eyes and it will take you to France.”

For the perfect Lillet-inspired brunch, Summers takes a twist on the standard charcuterie board, replacing meats and cheeses with fruits and yogurt. Summers also pulls from the French theme for decor, giving a nod to the French flag and Provençal feel.

Soledad Lowe celebrated jewelry designer

Keep it Chic

Soledad Lowe, celebrated jewelry designer, draws inspiration from a childhood in Sweden, where brunch could last all day long.

“Lillet is perfect for celebrations lasting from morning to night. It’s a light, fruity drink that transports you to a different time and era,” Lowe said.

Lowe’s Spritz featured herbal hints with basil, cucumber and orange.

Lillet spritz featured herbal hints with basil, cucumber and orange

Lowe believes that for brunch, what you wear is just as important as what you drink. For her brunch look tips, Lowe accessorized with bold pieces from her jewelry line that can make a statement and serve as a conversation starter.

Lillet Spritz effortlessly transforms the moment

Keep it Personal

Whether you’re enjoying an afternoon outdoors, or just taking some time to relax before dinner, the refreshing Lillet Spritz effortlessly transforms the moment. It’s the spring-inspired drink that’s perfect any time of year. Most importantly, enjoy Lillet your way.

Enjoy Lillet your way responsibly

Must be 21+ and please drink responsibly. For more information visit Tag your Lillet Spritz with #lilletyourway.

Photography by: Courtesy of Lillet