Timeless Artistry

By The Macallan By The Macallan | March 1, 2022 | Food & Drink, Sponsored Post,

Video by Chris O’Konski

A conversation with Artsy CEO Mike Steib on how fine and rare art of the past defines moments in time

When taking stock of what culture was like in periods of the past – and the important happenings, trends and perspectives that shaped it – fine and rare art provides an unparalleled glimpse into the moments in time that define an era.ML_TheMacallan_Artsy_046_Retouched.jpg

Through art, history from long ago instantly becomes past-present, as the most insightful works with the greatest impact reflect not only unique individual points of view and broader commentary on the times, but evolve our idea of what’s considered a special collectible today. These are the treasured gems that have captured key turning points in artistic expression and embody the bold risks taken by their creators.

Mike Steib, CEO of Artsy, the leading marketplace for aspiring collectors to discover, buy and sell fine art, recognizes this unmatched value. “When you think about artistic works of the past, there have been so many important moments where artists have broken from tradition and created a new movement,” he observed.ML_TheMacallan_Artsy_001_Retouched.jpg

Surrounded by stunning works from era-defining artists including Richard Hambleton and RISK at Chase Contemporary in East Hampton, NY, Steib further emphasizes the point. “It takes a lot of not just creativity, but a lot of courage to be an artist,” he said.

Steib’s philosophy dovetails with how art can speak to us broadly as well as individually, providing a sense of urgency to not only observe, but purchase. It additionally anchors the idea of what makes something truly valuable: a refined and rarified collectible.

Capturing moments in time from the past while simultaneously offering a reflection point on where we’ve come to, and how we got there, is an evocative experience that is only enriched by the passing years and intervening decades. This is true of revered artwork, as it is of other heritage crafts defined by an era.


In the world of prestigious spirits, The Macallan Fine & Rare Collection stands alone. This internationally acclaimed assortment of rare, vintage-dated Scotch whiskies spans over eight decades, with each one masterfully matured and innately influenced by the year in which it was distilled and the era through which it aged in a single cask.

Offering an unmatched sipping experience, these yearly vintages grant a nostalgic passageway into the generational stories and craftsmanship of those who preserved the inimitable nuances of whiskies from a time gone by, setting the bar for what we consider the highest quality Scotch whiskies of today.


Steeped in heritage, each bottle in the Fine & Rare Collection details the history, aromas and flavors of the year it was distilled alongside a confirmed registration of ownership. Sampling more than 60,000 casks annually, each vintage is pulled from the most exceptional cask the whisky makers deem in a given year. Like an artist themselves, The Macallan has mastered the art of bringing the past to vivid life today through this singular signature collection.

Building on this journey that delves into the past to explore how those artistic works shaped the lens through which we view art today, our next chapter will further examine what makes art of the present and future exceptionally fine and rare.

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Photography by: Rick Wenner