Tis The Season to All Things that Glitter

W-Purple W-Purple | November 23, 2020 | Culture, Sponsored Post, Home & Real Estate,

Take claim as the best gift giver this season with the ultimate piece of customized art from W. Purple.


We all know the trials and tribulations of getting that one person the perfect gift, and being original is essential, especially when it comes to the art of gift giving. For the one who seems to have it all, the hostess with the mostest, or your strikingly artistic loved one, we’ve got you covered with the most epic personalized gift. Meet, Jolie Altman, the creative glitter magician behind W. Purple’s sculptural furnishing curations. As a multimedia artist, Altman takes her glitter mirage of a mindset to create custom, one of a kind glistening furnishings for your space. These custom made pieces are constructed of wood before ornamented with distinct, custom multi and neutral color glistening finishes. Your finished product is a masterpiece of a blended constellation of individual wood grain stems patterned with color that creates a glitter serpentine rainbow. For anyone who appreciates craftsmanship and eye catching interiors, the standout quality of her curations serve as fabulous gifts or colorful additions to any home.


Altman’s expertise for pairing glitter juxtapose natural wood grains has rewarded her recognition amongst celebrities and high-end department stores. Her creative empire continues to flourish as she devotes her attention to home furnishings, creating decorative objects, furniture, home decor and accessories with the signature W. Purple glistening expression. W.Purple’s most popular pieces include dining tables, side tables, console tables, serving trays and lazy Susans, which can all be made to the customer’s unique specifications. W. Purple’s current special collection includes an 11-foot dining table, a beauty vanity, a Fender guitar and bedroom headboard. You could say Altman is redefining custom exquisite home creations, one piece of wood at a time.


The customized process entails working directly with clients, discussing their vision and thereby curating precise measures, colors, and style in order to complete one of a kind designs. Using carpenters and her innate creative sensibility, Altman paints and designs according to the client’s vision utilizing customizable color combinations that are then coated as a flat surface. This technique represents her proclivity towards bright and shiny surfaces and love of natural and organic textures. The result is a statement art piece that truly shines featuring a combination or colorful and natural tones. Whether for a gift or to add a sophisticated pop of color to your own home, W. Purple living art pieces are remarkably stunning head turners that will quickly make your interiors the talk of your circle this season.

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Photography by: W-Purple