Todd Snyder On New East End Boutique

James Aguiar | April 14, 2021 | Style & Beauty

There's a new reason to break out of your daily sweatpants rut thanks to this hot Hamptons haberdashery.


Fans of Todd Snyder’s particular brand of ultracool style will be able to soak it all in on the East End starting May 15. The new 1,000-squarefoot boutique promises to be a treasure trove of discovery, with shop-in-shop fixtures featuring Moscot eyewear and Aesop products. Exclusive designs and in-store stylist appointments will also be available to make choosing the perfect summer jacket for a night out or a simple swimsuit for a day at the beach a breeze. Here, Modern Luxury Fashion Director James Aguiar catches up with the busy designer to chat all things life in the Hamptons.

Why set up shop out East?

I have always loved going to the Hamptons each summer, and when I’m out there I definitely notice a lot of guys who look like they’d shop our brand. Last year, during the pandemic, we had an opportunity for a pop-up shop and took a chance. We thought people would be spending more time out East given remote work, and I think we were right. It was a hit, and when we were approached about a more permanent lease, we jumped on the chance.

How would you describe Hamptons style?

Certainly more casual, but still refined and put-together. I think being out East gives you the chance to be a bit more playful in your colors and patterns, especially for New Yorkers. Our new store will have a ton of options that you can mix and match to go from a casual day look for brunch or walking around town to a more refined look for dinner and a night out.

What is it about your clothes that makes sense for Hamptonites?

Our clothes are updates on timeless classics, which I think really resonates in the Hamptons. From linen camp collar shirts with playful patterns to lightweight pique blazers and weekend shorts, any guy can put together a fun, classic weekend look at our store. If you’re looking for something a bit more casual, our Champion collection is full of options that have a bit more of a tailored feel than everyday sweats. You can mix and match to create something perfectly undone.

What’s your favorite part about life in the Hamptons?

I love that everything seems to slow down a bit. ... There’s still a bit of the city out there, so you’re able to get a great meal and shop at amazing stores, but the day-to-day feels a bit slower. I have a young daughter, so being able to take her to the beach and see how much she loves it is really exciting as a father.

Todd Snyder’s spring/summer collection features playful colors and patterns that complement the Hamptons lifestyle. TODD SNYDER PORTRAIT BY MATTHEW BROOKES
Todd Snyder’s spring/summer collection features playful colors and patterns that complement the Hamptons lifestyle.

What are some of your favorite local spots?

For a bite to eat, I love Moby’s in East Hampton. We actually did a collaboration with them in 2019 and I love to support Lincoln [Pilcher]. For a bit of inspiration, I like to visit the Parrish Art Museum. Their collection is a great reflection on the history of the East End and how it’s shifted throughout the years. I also love WYETH furniture. I get a ton of inspiration from interior design and am always scouting pieces for our stores. 75 Main St., East Hampton