Valextra Launches #NoLogoMyLogo Customizable Collection

By Patricia Tortolani | February 6, 2019 | Style & Beauty

Because the most luxurious logo is one of your very own making.


In the world of high fashion there is discreet luxury—and then there is Valextra. For over 80 years the Italian fashion house has eschewed not only logos but, really, any form of branding. There is no signature Valextra clasp or color. You only really know the classic-silhouetted bag is Valextra if you are in the know. So how does a brand with a calling card of extreme understatement embrace these times of loud and proud individuality? In the most striking way possible. The new Valextra #NoLogoMyLogo collection encourages clients to explore their own brand with a highly customizable all-over monogram service. Pick your letters, your colors, your size and your shape, and a Valextra designer will guide you through the near infinite number of combinations. $2,650-$4,550,

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