Valyou Furniture: The One Brand That Doesn't Take 6-8 Weeks to Ship

Magdalena Munao | September 10, 2020 | Lifestyle Home & Real Estate


Thus far, 2020 has undoubtedly proven to be the ultimate year of online shopping. Though we’ve all been avid online shoppers for years, with the coronavirus pandemic looming over the United States, online shopping has seen an exponential uptick in sales. But with massive delays in shipping due to slow import/export rates as a result of the pandemic, as much as we shop online, we continue to wait longer for our packages. And when it comes to ordering furniture, the shipping time can take weeks and sometimes months before delivery.

But for one rising American furniture brand, they pride themselves in their accessibility for U.S. citizens. Valyou Furniture, born out of Hawaii, now serves all 50 states with their distribution center based centrally in Las Vegas, Nevada. While most are familiar with 6-8 weeks of waiting for deliveries from online furniture retailers like Wayfair, Amazon and even Ikea, Valyou has reinvented the concept of online furniture shopping with a foolproof system. Thanks to the ease and access of their Las Vegas based distribution center, Valyou is able to easily and quickly fulfill the needs of their customers within a week from their purchase date.

And with styles and designs that surpass the aforementioned online furniture retailers, Valyou is the brand you’ll love not just for their quick shipping, but also for their unparalleled designs and furniture. Staying current with trends of the furniture industry, Valyou is quick to act on up-and-coming designs and styles of the business, so much so that they design and manufacture all of their own furniture. With the capability to design, manufacture, produce, market, sell, and ship a new product all within a matter of weeks, Valyou is unrivaled in the furniture industry.

For consumers in the market for new furniture, Valyou checks every box. With the latest styles in furniture paired with unbeatable pricing as well as their fast and reliable shipping, it’s hard to choose Valyou.

To browse their furniture selection and styles, visit their website.

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