5 Fun and Effective Fitness YouTubers To Follow For At Home Workouts

Shreya Chari | March 3, 2021 | Lifestyle

Cassey Ho Blogilates

These past ten to forever months of quarantine haven't been easy, but they have been a boon for home workouts and YouTube fitness channels. Gyms aren't always open, and you still need to get your blood pumping, so many have turned to personalities like Chloe Ting, Heather Robinson and Lilly Sabri.

Whether you seek a challenge, need a little guidance, or just want to hear the smiling voice of a friend, YouTube workout channels are a great way to start a fitness routine or step up your sweat game.

Not sure where to start? Here’s a guide to a few influencers’ channels known to host highly-effective exercises. From HIIT to cardio, pilates and dance, even healthy recipes and meal plans, these channels bring it all while packing heaps of personality.

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1. Chloe Ting

One of the most well-known and well-loved fitness YouTubers on our list, Chloe Ting has become insanely popular for people stuck at home looking to sweat. Since the beginning of lockdown, her subscriber count increased from 4 million to 17 million. That's due in large part to her free workout challenges, which went viral on TikTok (check out this 2-week ab challenge for a start). There is a lot of merit in this loyalty, though. Chloe consistently releases free workout programs each month, paired with "What I Eat In A Day" and "Reacting to Results" videos which help motivate her subscribers to keep going.

Chloe's free programs are very effective when done properly, but they aren't always feasible during the week when you're trying to squeeze in a quick workout. Still, her individual videos are only about 10 to 20 mins long, and you can use them separately in a time crunch. Videos range from arms to abs, legs and full body, mostly through HIIT and cardio. We highly recommend her channel for anyone just getting into fitness or anybody looking for consistency.

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2. Lilly Sabri

Lilly Sabri is an English fitness YouTuber with great content for people at an intermediate-level, or who already have a consist workout routine. These videos really tire you out - but in a good way. We love Lilly's workouts for their high intensity, and because they really make you sweat while leaving you refreshed and happy. Similar to Chloe, she has free workout programs on her website, as well as healthy recipes. Lilly uploads a variety of workouts on her channel, but they mostly focus on fat loss. Videos range anywhere from five to 50 minutes, and she does a lot of live YouTube and Instagram workouts with her community, too.

We love working out with Lilly because she talks to you throughout the workout, and it really feels like working out with a friend. Plus, she has a super cute dog.

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3. MadFit

MadFit is a go-to YouTubers channel when you're looking to really enjoy your workout and/or workout with friends and family. Host Maddie Lymburner brings less intense workouts focused more on sculpting and toning than fat loss. As a dancer herself, many of her workouts incorporate dance-specific exercises. She even had a series of dance workout videos, some of which became super popular on TikTok, too.

While MadFit's workouts aren't as intense as Lilly's or Chloe's, they are very easy to squeeze into a weekday since they typically range from 15 to 25 minutes. They can even be very calming, since she plays catchy music in the background and doesn't talk much during her workouts. She also came out with a free January workout calendar, so you always know where to jump in.

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4. Blogilates

Blogilates has been around for more than a decade. Host Cassey Ho has filled her joyful channel with an endless amount of videos, mostly centered around pilates, as the name implies. These workouts tend to be less intense than Chloe's or Lilly's, but we enjoy them for the non-stop talking and encouragement. It feels like you've known Ho for years! Most of her workouts range from 5 minutes to 30 minutes.

Blogilates makes non-workout videos, too. Check the channel for everything from Healthy Cooking Challenges to Body Positivity videos. This channel really shows off Ho's personality, truly so distinct in the world of fitness influencers.

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5. Heather Robertson

Heather Robertson is a well-known YouTuber who's been around for years, but it really feels like she stepped up her game in quarantine. Her videos are aesthetically pleasing and the workouts are pretty intense. She does a lot of circuits, which makes the workouts more tiring, but also more rewarding. Most of this channel's videos center around HIIT and strength training, ranging from 20 minutes to an hour. The intensity levels are similar to that of Chloe Ting's, for reference.

If you're ready to get serious, Robertson offers a free 12-week program, as well as free monthly plans sent out on the 28th of each month. Each plan includes recipes, tips and access to a community forum.

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Photography by: Kirk McKoy